Men of Action Testimonial: Yaniv

Yaniv: from confused to fufilled

"My experience of life improved, I am more happy, I have more time, and that goes for everything"

Yaniv was in the Israeli Military, so he was no stranger to hard and focused work. However, upon graduating college and leaving the military, he was feeling confused. He had goals that he wanted to accomplish, but they felt "just out of reach." After the failure of his business, he was fed up and told himself he was going to put his life back together. He joined Men of Action with the intention of creating his ideal social life. Michael helped work on Yaniv's mindset, helped him define and reverse engineer his goals, and helped him design a social circle that has led Yaniv to feeling more happy. Yaniv now has much more free time to hang out with and enjoy the new connections in his life.

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