Men of Action Testimonial: James H

From local bars to event planning: How James threw an event in the middle of nowhere

"I think this is the best program if you want to become the man you want to be, have a great social life, and achieve something."

James moved to the United States 11 years ago from Hong Kong. He was continuously trying to find the answers to improve his social life and kept asking himself, "Why isn't this working for me?" He was going to seminars and getting "feel good" results, but he didn't actually get the results he wanted. He would go out to local bars each week and try to meet people. This made him frustrated because he wasn't becoming a grounded man that had his life together, he was just pretending to be that man. James had been following Michael for a long time so he had seen the results that Michael had in his life, and noticed Michael was doing things differently from everyone else. He was sick of being pushed around and decided to join Men of Action to become a better leader. James lives in Omaha, Nebraska - a place not well known for its social life. Even so, he was able to throw an event with almost two dozen well known Instagram models. This is because the Men of Action Formula isn't dependent on your location. As long as you're around humans, instead of goats and pigs, this stuff works. Men of Action teaches you how to be high status, rather than tricking people into thinking that you're high status. Like James says in his case study "It's not rocket science… If you can follow instructions you can do this." From his first event, he was able to network with a realtor who has access to the biggest houses in Omaha, and wanted to provide a location for James's events. Not only did James's social circle improve, he also increased his work communication and proficiency by 80% because of the status-based principles Michael teaches. James now feels more confident in his social life and is comfortably working in High Tech using the communication skills he learned in Men of Action to move up in his career.

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