Men of Action Testimonial: John H

John's social circle goes from "OK" to elite during COVID

"We started throwing [our events] up on our social media, and the responses we got were incredible. The people who were in our DM's, the people who were coming back to us, the following we were getting."

John had a good job and was doing pretty well with his social life. He wanted a high status, and "cool people that build each other up", type of social circle. It was something that he was really missing. Like most people, he felt that when he was younger he had a better social life, and wanted to get back to that. He tried many different programs and just couldn't put the pieces together. He says, "nobody really had that much substance in helping me with my goals." He was getting results, but he wasn't completely where he wanted to be, and didn't feel he was being authentic to himself. He tried building social circles, but was struggling to bring people together and make things happen. He felt lonely and knew he needed a different approach. Following what some people were saying just didn't feel like the right way for John to go about building himself up and making himself an attractive human being. John had been following Michael for a few years on Instagram, so he'd already seen Michael's irrefutable visual evidence of what type of life he had. It was very clear that Michael was living the kind of lifestyle that appealed to John and to a lot of other guys out there. John felt a breath of fresh air seeing Michael and his authenticity, his ability to plan long term, and his integrity - traits that are not common among mentors. John became a Member of MOA after seeing the undeniable proof of both Michael's success and the success the other Members had after only a few months of joining. John was in lockdown, but that didn't stop him from striving to accomplish his goals and taking action. From the middle of the year onwards, he just had "event, after event, after event", which brought new people into his social circle and enabled him to "mix with more people that we wanted to start mixing with." MOA is about becoming a high value guy, so John focused on building up his value so he could bring that value to other people by starting to focus on win-win situations. The tangible results he achieved are plastered all over his case study. He feels more confident, has more charisma, and has the "high value social circle of very cool people" he was looking for. He claims "the events have been life changing for me." John is still active in the MOA community and is continuously striving for higher levels of abundance and opportunities.

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