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Frequently Asked Questions

• Why do I have to fill out a quiz?• Why do I have to schedule a call?• Who is Michael Sartain?• What type of people join Men of Action? Who should be in Men of Action?• I don't have any specific goals yet, should I join Men of Action?• What if I don't want to throw events / be a host?• What if I'm not ready to improve my life yet?• What if I live in a small town / I don't live in a big city?• What if everything is closed because of COVID?• What if I don't have any friends right now?• What if I want to do this on my own / without help?• I work in an industry where I would get in trouble if I posted about my epic lifestyle• I don't have an Instagram / I don't like social media• Do I have to have an Instagram like Michael's?• I don't think Social Circle works• What type of events will the program help me with? Do I have to do photoshoots?• How long is the course / what's the time commitment?• How long before I'll see results?

•  Why do I have to fill out a quiz?
We require you to fill out a quiz to see if you are a good fit for the program. We do not want everyone in the program -- some people do not belong in the program at all. We use the quiz to screen out these people.

•  Why do I have to schedule a call?
Again, we do not just want anyone to be in the program. The community we have created is awesome, so we don't want people to ruin it. We also do these calls to see if your goals even match up with the program so you don't waste your time. Every call that we do we make sure that you leave happy and with some sort of value, even if you don't join the program. This is Michael's philosophy and it carries over into his team.

•  Who is Michael Sartain?
Read Michael’s biography here.

•  What is Men of Action?
Men of Action is a program by Michael Sartain that teaches you how to build a social circle and become higher status. It is a program that teaches men how to build the epic lifestyle of their choosing.

•  What type of people join Men of Action? Who should be in Men of Action?
The Men of Action program is designed to help men who want to have a great social life that draws people in, be down right charismatic, have an abundance of opportunities, and live life on their own terms with the right people.

The type of people in the program are:
- Already successful but know there's more
- Entrepreneurs
- Hard working
- Dedicated to their improvement
- Focused on achieving goals
- Over achievers
- Athletes
- Fed up with their current life situation
- Nerds
- Willing to do whatever it takes to improve their life
- Care about increasing social status
- Want to be leaders

•  I don’t have any specific goals yet, should I join Men of Action?
Absolutely. That's the whole point of the program. Michael helps you discover and define what your goals are immediately upon joining the program. Even if you already have goals Michael is going to teach you how to reverse engineer them to success. 

•  What if I don’t want to throw events / be a host?
You don’t have to. Remember the program teaches you how to live the life that you want, not the one anyone else wants you to live. The reason we throw events is because it's less time input for a greater return. You can network with high status people, and invite all the people you want to meet into one location. But if you want to keep it low-key, the program also teaches you how to be invited to high status events for free, and how to network with people without attending events at all.

•  What if I’m not ready to improve my life yet?
Honestly, you’ll never “feel ready”. Somewhere at sometime, it was perpetuated that there will be this magical moment in life and you’ll be immediately ready to start improving your life. That’s total bullshit. If you keep waiting for that moment, you’ll never be the man want to be. The time to improve is now. If you’re reading this right now then you know this to be true. Stop waiting for your perfect moment and start taking action now.

•  What if I live in a small town / I don’t live in a big city?
See the Jonnie Case Study. He lives in an extremely rural town in the Northwest and still has women flying out from Miami to see him, and became known as the “Dan Bilzerian” of his town. Another guy in rural Michigan created the central social circle of his small town and is now the most popular guy in his city. You can become a desirable man anywhere. It is not location dependent. The only thing that matters is your willingness to improve. 

•  What if everything is closed because of COVID?
It won’t be forever. Even when you join the program you won't immediately become desirable. You have to put in the work, and that work takes time. By the time everything opens up you’ll be ready to hit the ground sprinting because you’ve put so much effort into your success. We had guys all throughout COVID show massive success during the pandemic. Just see the Justin Case Study.

•  What if I don’t have any friends right now?
You don’t need anyone else to start the program, and part of the reason we started the program is to build a community of awesome guys so that you can network with them. We’ve had clients meet their best friends in the program, and we’ve even had people move to a new city together and become roommates. This program is designed for you to network with like minded people and start creating epic lifestyles together. Even if you have friends, you’ll be meeting such cooler people that you won't have time for your old friends.

•  What if I want to do this without help / on my own?
It’s great that you’re independent, but why would you not want help? People think being
“Self-made” means not accepting any form of help from anyone. That’s absurd. What it actually means is “Becoming successful by your own efforts.” That means you put in the work, you take the action, but you have a guide along the way. It took Michael 20 years, hundreds and hundreds of books, extreme trials and tribulations, elite connections, and tens of thousands of reference points to get to where he is now. 20 years is 7305 days. Do you want to spend that time to become the man you want to be? Or would you rather do it in 60 days? The choice is yours, but if you’re reading this far you’re definitely smart and know the short route is the best option. 

•  I work in an industry where I would get in trouble if I had an epic lifestyle.
Of course you do, because you’re already a man with success, we expect that much. Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, or world champion athlete there are people in the program just like you (seriously, world champion athletes have joined the Men of Action and they can absolutely not be public about it). You do not need to be public about your journey with Men of Action. You can create an abundant lifestyle without anyone seeing something that would hurt your reputation. Once you join the program, start reaching out to the other doctors, lawyers, etc. and see how they've built their lifestyles away from prying eyes.

•  I don’t have an Instagram / I don’t like social media.
Does anyone who is successful actually enjoy social media? Probably not -- with a few edge cases. But what they do know is social media gets them the results they want. That’s exactly what we use social media for, to help us build an epic lifestyle -- a phone number isn’t enough. It’s comparable to horses and cars. In the past, you were able to get around decently with horses, but they were slow, needed to be watered and fed, and they needed to sleep. Once cars came in, it removed all of the drawbacks of horses, got you to your destination 10x quicker, and were easy to use. It’s the same thing with texting vs social media. Social media is 10x quicker to get results, more effective for building an abundant lifestyle, and removes all of the drawbacks of texting. There’s no reason to not have a social media presence for the man that wants an abundant lifestyle. 

•  Do I have to have an Instagram like Michael’s?
No. Michael built his life the exact way he wants it. He hangs out with the exact people he wants to be around, dates the exact girl he likes, and hosts the bikini competition he’s always wanted to. That’s what Michael wanted for his life and his Instagram is conducive for those goals. We teach you how to design your social media to exactly cater towards your goals. We teach you to find the accounts you want to model, and the archetypes that match your personal brand. 

•  What type of events will the program help me with? Do I have to do photoshoots?
Parties, photoshoots, charity events, dinners, galas, bikini competitions, game nights, FaceTime Parties, etc. Literally any time that more than 5 people are in a room together this program will help you with. You can do any type of event you would like to, and you are not tied down to any one event. 

•  How long is the course / what’s the time commitment ?
It's a 12-week course where if you put in the work you will see results in 45 days or less. You shouldn’t need to put any more than 5 hours a week into this program.

•  How long before I’ll see results?
If you put in the work, you will see results in 45 days or less, but you have to follow instructions. Don't come whining to us when you don't get what you were hoping for and you took none of the action steps.

•  Does Michael offer private coaching?
Yes, if you are interested in private coaching with Michael, click this link here

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