Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Michael Sartain

What is Men of Action?
Men of Action teaches men how to build an abundant lifestyle of high-status friends, and incredible women. You will learn how to network with elites, attend exclusive events, become a "local celebrity", and become the man that other men want to be.
How do I know you are legit?
Over 400 people have joined Men of Action. There's over 50 video testimonials on my website, and hundreds of testimonial screenshots of success. We have free Discord and Facebook groups where you can ask other people about their experiences.
Will this work for me if I'm in [country]?
Yes. This works anywhere in the world, except North Korea. This is about raising your status and building an abundant social circle. So as long as you're around humans as opposed to goats and chickens this will work. We have members in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Dubai, Australia, India, Pakistan.
What does a "Ridiculous Success Obligation" mean?
Think of it like a guarantee. I call it an "obligation" because I mean what I say: I am going to build you a high status social circle or else you don't pay, and I will continue to work with you until you build one. There's absolutely no chance of you not achieving your goals. That's how serious I am about your success.
What are the terms of the "Ridiculous Success Obligation"?
If you follow the steps laid out in the program and you don't build a social circle, then you won't pay for the remainder of the program, and I along with all my team's resources will continue to work with you until you build a social circle.
How long is the program / what is the time commitment / How many hours each week will the program take?
The program was originally designed to be a 12-week, 90-day course, but on average it takes longer to complete. This is a long term approach to gaining exponential results so it doesn't happen overnight. As for the time commitment I recommend four to five hours a week, so about 30 minutes a day. It shouldn't be something that takes up all your time. Obviously you can go as crazy as you want, but most of the time this is the average I see for people to start seeing results.
How long before I can expect results?
From having over 400 customers go through the program and 2 and a half years of daily coaching, the average timeline I see from start to results is about 30 to 60 days. It depends on how fast or slow you want to take things. We've had customers see massive results in 14 days and others that take more time. But the exact steps are there; you just need to determine how fast you want to go.
What if I'd rather focus on business right now?
You've heard the saying "Your network is your net worth" right? This is your business. One of the biggest reasons why I made a million dollars before my thirties was because of my ability to network. The only reason why I work at an options brokerage is because of my ability to network. Your ability to network is your business. The doors you'll open by meeting other entrepreneurs is incredible. Everyone on my team was from my network first. There's just no comparison. Focus on business of course, but build a network to help facilitate that.
What if this isn't a good time?
There's never going to be a good time. Trust me. It's always going to be scary to jump into something new. The alternative is to keep doing what you're doing and have subpar results. Or you can buckle down and start ramping up to a high-status social circle and never have to worry about this again.
What if I want to wait because when I do something I put all of my focus and effort into it?
Waiting any longer is going to force you to continue having the results you have right now. This isn't something that's going to take 16 hours a day for a year straight to accomplish. You'll see results in 30 to 60 days if you follow the protocol. There's Harvard Professors and students that take this program while managing research and teaching. It's not difficult.
Do you have to be rich for this to work?
Definitely not. I've had dozens of customers see massive success and they're just above the poverty line. It's not about paying your way into things. This is about learning the social skills needed to build actual networks. Girls don't care if you have money. The actual object of money isn't what girls are attracted to. What girls want is the lifestyle that money brings. So you can shortcut this by using social skills to create an abundant lifestyle. And then you show that with social media to massively reduce the amount of work you need to do.
Do you have to be famous for this to work?
No you don't need to be famous or wealthy for this to work. Girls just want the lifestyle that wealth and fame bring. Girls are not physically attracted to large amounts of currency on a screen or follower count. But they are attracted to that lifestyle of the rich and famous. So you can use this as a cheat code. By using the social skills I teach you, you can create an abundant lifestyle by using other people's resources and value arbitrage. You don't need to have any extra money other than the investment into the course.
What if I'm an introvert?
Most of our customers are introverts. But that's the beauty about social circles: you can set it up exactly how you want. It doesn't matter if you're an introvert or extrovert because you're building something that suits your lifestyle. Some people want to go to the club every weekend, and I have some customers who only do Yoga retreats for their events every few months. As long as you are following the framework you can set this up however you want. You don't have to go out to the bar every night to meet people.
Do I have to lose sleep for this?
Not if you don't want to. The point about all of this is setting your social circle up to revolve around your life, not for you to revolve around it. If you don't want to go to the club and stay up all night then you don't have to. There are many other things you can do, such as brunch or dinners for example.
What if I'm a business owner?
That's great. This won't take away from that and will only help you network with more high-quality people. If you're worried this is going to take all your time, then read the question below.
What if I don't have any specific goals yet?
That's completely fine. That's why the first step is defining your goals. I am going to teach you how to exactly define your goals, and teach you how to reverse engineer them so you know what steps to take.
What if I have a busy life?
Of course you do. If you're a high-value person then you'll naturally have a busy life. I have an extremely busy life too. Between managing a successful business, a successful podcast, hosting hundreds of events, and my cats, I'm booked full. But if I were to do any other method of networking then I'd have even less time. This method is SPECIFICALLY for busy people because I'm incredibly busy. I was forced to create it like this. In the beginning, it will take you about four to five hours a week to get things set up. From there, things start becoming automatic and you don't have to put so much time into things. I spend no time at all planning events, and I go out six to seven times a week. I just get invited everywhere.
What if my career takes a lot of my time?
Read the answer above.
What if I'm not ready to do this yet?
I totally understand that feeling, I was there too once. But you're right - you probably don't feel ready to improve your life. But have you ever felt ready? If you look back on your life I bet you can see how fast decisions were made. Opportunities come and go quickly which is why it's important to capitalize on them quickly. I can truthfully tell you that you will never feel ready to improve your life. That's why you just need to take the leap of faith and jump in.
Will I actually meet the girls I'm interested in if I join the program?
84% of relationships come from your social circle. You're more likely to meet the woman of your dreams by implementing my system than any other way. The higher status you become, the more exclusive events you attend, the higher quality of women you'll meet. One thing I tell people is, "usually, the issue isn't your ability, it's your lack of access to high-caliber girls."
I've done other programs in the past that promise big results but never quite deliver. How is this different?
I've been doing this for over 15 years and everything I teach is exactly what I do on a daily basis. More importantly, the 400+ customers around the world, from all different backgrounds and ages, have been able to produce similar results and completely transform their social circle. I also have a legal obligation to your success. It's called my Ridiculous Success Obligation: If you don't build a high-status social circle with amazing women, then YOU DON'T PAY, and I will continue to work with you UNTIL YOU ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOAL. But don't just take my word for it, hear what customers have to say and the results they were able to achieve here.
Is this just another dating/pickup course?
No this isn't a dating course. It's a course on how to build a social circle and be of higher status. However, you will have a better dating life as a byproduct of this. All of our case studies have said so (there are over 50).
Is this another self-help course?
This isn't a "self" help course. I'm right in the trenches with you so you're not alone. This also isn't a self-help, feel-good-and-cry-about-it course. It's a course on how to build a social circle and be of higher status.
Is this just videos and mentoring calls like everything else?
No. There are modules and mentoring calls, yes, but a lot of this is Done-for-you and Done-with-you.
Do I have to go to clubs for this to work?
No. I like the clubs because I live in Vegas and it's the best city in the world for nightclubs. There are a lot of other ways to meet people and going to clubs doesn't have to be a part of it. I teach you how to use social media to meet people and then you can do any kind of event that is authentic to you.
What if I live in a small town / I don't live in a big city?
No. You can do this wherever you're at. I get this question a lot and I have a lot of customers that don't live in major cities. Here's one of our case studies, Jonnie: Jonnie lives in a town of 14,000 people. It's in the middle of nowhere. Even with those circumstances, he's still able to build an impressive social circle for himself. He can do this because what I teach you isn't based on some trick or a tactic that's only for the United States and large cities. This works because I teach you the science of evolutionary psychology and social media, which is available with one person or 10,000,000.
Does my age matter?
No. I have customers that are in high school and some that are retired. All of them saw results.
Can I do this in college?
I wish I had learned this in college. The whole environment is a social circle. Just think about it: everyone wants to party, everyone is looking for new friends, you're surrounded by girls, and the stakes are so low.
Do I need money for this?
Generally no, but you can if you want. I will tell you first to build a social circle using the skills I teach because then you don't come off as the "money guy". You can never go back from that. I've never bought my way into a social circle because I focus on providing value instead. In the long run, this is the most effective approach because there are so many ways of providing value. That's all money really is a storage of value. So if you can find what people want WITH the money and you provide that value instead WITHOUT money you'll become massively valuable. This is called finding primary driver emotions and value arbitrage.
Do you have any members in my city/country?
This is an international program. We have members in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle, Orange county, Nashville, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Phoenix, Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, DC, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, North, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico City, Medellin, Florianopolis, Sao Paulo, UK, London, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne, India, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taiwan
Is this just an event throwing course?
Yes and no. You can throw as many, or as few events as you would like. The thing that works massively well is status. So you want to do anything that raises your status. Exclusive events are highly leveraged items for that. The reason I cover events is that it's one of the most efficient ways to meet a lot of high-status men and women in a short amount of time, in one location.
Do I already need to have connections or access to scarce resources (mansions, yachts, etc)?
No. I teach you how to do that using value arbitrage.
Does this only work on Instagram / do you teach any other social media platforms besides Instagram?
Yes. This is about teaching you principles, not hacks. This method will work on any social media platform that exists now, and in the future. Instagram is just the most effective platform right now.
Is the course taught by anyone else?
The course is taught by me. I'll be answering most of your questions. I also have Success Coaches to help you get your questions answered the fastest.
How long are the Live Trainings?
They are scheduled for an hour but usually go longer since my number one rule for these calls is, "I keep going until every single f$&king question is answered". The record for the longest call is currently 8 hours long.
How many people join the Live Trainings?
It varies. It can range from 5 people to 40. On some of the bigger calls when I bring on female influencers more people tend to join so they can ask questions to them. On average I would say there are 15 to 25 people on the calls. But not all of them have questions.
What will my week look like in the program?
To start you'll go through the digital protocol and go through the modules and complete the action steps. From there you'll join either of the live calls and ask specific questions related to your situation. From there it's just following the steps lined out in the program. Every week is different but you'll have guides to direct you.
Do I have to throw photoshoots?
No. The reason why you see that in some of the case studies is because during COVID the only high leverage activity during the lockdown was to throw photoshoots. You can literally do any kind of event. You can do brunch, dinners, club nights, parties, board games, poker night, zoom meetups, etc.
What if everything is closed because of COVID (or some other pandemic)?
It doesn't matter. Our customers were still able to create social circles during the pandemic, and they were better than before. People still wanted to have fun and meet people. Our customers were able to attend and put together exclusive events despite the world being shut down and show people a good time. The good news is that COVID is over in most of the world and I'm sure your city isn't far behind. You can use this situation to your advantage and provide value where people are looking for it.
What if I don't have any friends right now?
That's a good thing. The reason why is because you're not going to have anyone slow you down. This isn't reliant on you knowing anyone. I teach you the exact steps with an easy-to-follow framework for making friends no matter where you are.
Does this work for business networking?
Absolutely. This isn't just for meeting high-quality women. You'll be able to take these skills and easily be able to network with business people. Status is status is status. So no matter who is in front of you, when you have the status they know it.
How do I meet high-value male friends with this method?
By going to exclusive events where high-value guys are.
Can I still cold approach?
Sure. It's not that cold approach is useless. It's a good skill to be able to walk up to people and strike a conversation. When cold approach goes bad is when you start doing pickup shit. If you're going to continue to cold approach, then cold approach for your social circle. Don't be weird. Make female friends. Go to events.
Is there homework?
Yes. You will have action items to complete.
Is this just another digital course?
There's a digital course portion of the program but it's mainly a done-with-you system. You're not going to be alone doing this. You'll have over 100+ mentoring calls with me and access to a mastermind community of 400+ men all holding you accountable and providing you support.
How hard do I have to work for this?
If you don't want to do any work then please don't join at all. It's called Men of Action for a reason. However, this shouldn't take more than four to five hours a week when first starting out. Like a snowball, once you first build it and generate initial momentum, it grows rapidly on its own.
How long do I have access to the program?
Depending on the tier you choose, you'll have 6-month, 1-year, or indefinite access.
Do I get direct access to Michael / Does he offer private coaching?
Yes. Ask about it on your strategy call.
What if I really like the pickup shit and want to continue doing it?
Then you do not belong here. Stop reading this immediately and go watch infield.
I was burned and ripped off by another social circle mentor in the past. How do I know this is going to be different?
We are in absolutely no way affiliated with them at all. I know it sucks to get ripped off. But you're not alone, many other people have been ripped off too. Here's exactly why this is different. I have: - Over 400 happy customers - Ridiculous Success Obligation to You (either you build a social circle or you don't pay) - 50+ video testimonials - Discord and Facebook Groups with over 4000 people - An actual Instagram profile - A real company
Still have questions?
Then book a call below with myself or my team and we'll answer them in depth
Social Media
What if I don't have a social media profile?
That doesn't matter. Better to start from scratch than do nothing at all.
What do I post on my social media?
Make posts that show that you have access to scarce resources. This could be anything. Mansions. Boats. VIP. Attractive Women. Anything in society that is scarce.
Do I need an Instagram like yours to be successful?
No. Absolutely not. I don't tell anyone to build an Instagram like mine. You should build a social media profile that is specific to you and your goals. You could have the social media archetype of the artist, the business owner, the jet setter, the photographer, the promoter, or anything you want as long as you are following the principles of a high-value social media profile, which is about showing access to scarce resources. That doesn't mean your social media needs to be plastered with girls. There are many ways to show access to scarce resources.
Do I have to post women on my social media?
It helps to show preselection. You don't have to post girls in bikinis or lingerie. If you're in an industry where you'd get in trouble, or you don't want to showcase that, it's absolutely ok. You can still leverage social media to meet people even if you don't post women. Just show access to other scarce resources.
What kind of social media do I have to make?
You have to make one that is authentic to you and shows access to scarce resources. That's it.
Does this only work on one social media platform?
No. This is a principle. Status is conveyed through photos and videos. The platform is relative.
What if I don't like social media and think that it's fake?
Nobody likes social media. I frequently get annoyed with social media. But it's too damn effective to not use it. Social media gets the results I want, so I'll continue to use it. The key is to be a producer and not a consumer.
What if my job prevents me from showing a lot of things on social media?
You don't have to show bikinis and lambos for this to work. As long as you show access to scarce resources, and a cool, fun, interesting lifestyle then you're good to go. I have taught doctors, lawyers, and Harvard professors how to use this strategy and it works brilliantly for them.
What if I don't know how to take photos or edit them?
I've never taken a photography or editing class and I get by just fine. You don't have to have magical composition rules and crazy colors. As long as you show access to scarce resources you're good to go.
What if I don't know where to take photos?
It's simple. Find scarce resources in your city that are authentic to you and take a picture with them. Google is your friend here.
What if I don't have anyone to take photos with me?
Many of my photos are taken by random people or a tripod. It doesn't matter. Just get the picture.
Is this just another method of online game?
No. This is not to be used like a dating app, although if you use it like I describe it becomes the best dating app ever. You use your social media to fuel your social circle, which then fuels your social media. It's an upward spiral. If you use it like a dating app then you're missing the whole picture.
So instead of cold approaching, I use social media to invite women to events?
Yes and no. The reason why you use social media is because people see your status, which makes them more attracted to you. Then you can invite them to anything you want. That could be a 1-1 date, but that's not what I recommend. I'll touch more on events in the 3rd pillar of status and why they are important.
Do I have to be a photographer?
No. I'm not a photographer and I get by just fine. The photos don't have to be world-class and have colorful presets. They just need to show access to scarce resources.
Does my profile have to be public?
It will absolutely help, but it doesn't have to be. If you're worried about people judging you for what you have on your profile then read the question above.
What if I don't like social media?
I don't like social media either. But I love being on top. Social media is bad when you're wasting hours of each day consuming content. This is when it hurts your psyche. But if you're the producer people are going to be inundated with your life which makes them want to be a part of it. It's like having your own personal TV show that people tune into everyday. There couldn't be a more effective tool for improving your social life than social media. Whether you like it or not, everyone is using it. For your own selfish benefit, you need to be on social media. Girls are going to DM you randomly, high-status guys are going to invite you to places, and you're literally going to be in people's minds all day long. This is how you start becoming a local celebrity.
Do I have to buy camera gear/equipment?
No. Almost all of my pictures are taken on an iPhone.
Female Friends
How do I make female friends?
You make female friends just like you would a male friend. You casually meet. You learn more about each other. You exchange contact information. Then invite her to places just like you do when you meet anyone new. You don't need to overcomplicate things.
What's the difference between female friends and female teammates?
It's the same thing. Over the years I've called them "female friends" but this completely explodes men's brains. They get so hung up on the "friends" part of it that they think they need to become a monk and never be attracted to women again. I now call them teammates to reduce the confusion. It's ok to be attracted to women. If you're a cool guy then they're probably attracted to you too. Don't get tangled up in the words. Just stop the Binary Thinking of seeing women like objects and make real friendships with all of them, then date the women you are attracted to. But don't force it like pickup artists do.
Do I get to sleep with my female friends?
Whether or not they're your friends and whether or not you're sleeping with them have nothing to do with each other. In reality, several of your female friends will try to sleep with you.
Do you buy things for your female friends?
Not unless I'm feeling particularly generous. Do you buy your male friends something every time you go out?
Do I need to talk to girls differently to make them my friends?
No, talk to them like normal people. Talk to them like they are your male friends.
How do you become friends with other girls' friends?
You ask her to introduce you to her friends, and then do the same thing that you do with everyone else.
What do I do if I'm attracted to one of my female friends?
The point is to immerse yourself with so many female friends that your attraction toward one doesn't affect you. If you're attracted to one of your female friends then you need 100 more female friends.
Do you pay the girls to hang around you?
Nope. Never have. Never will. When you lead with money, you always have to lead with money. The moment you pay for a girl, you can never go back. You lose all possibility of making a genuine connection with them based on your personality. She's now going to see you as a piggy bank instead of a possible mate. I've been around thousands of top models and never paid them once. Ever. With the amount of girls I hang out with I'd have to shell out tens of thousands per week. Take Dan Bilzerian. A lot of people think that he pays to be around girls, but that's far from the truth. When people see guys having success they immediately think they're cheating, lying, and manipulating the system. But the truth is, what girl wouldn't want to hang out with Dan? She's going to fly in private jets all over the world, stay in incredible mansions, hang out with other beautiful girls, and party like the world has never seen. Girls literally beg to hang out with Dan, not the other way around.
If I'm only making female friends, how do I get laid?
If you think about it, you've probably talked to hundreds of girls, but only a small percentage of them actually end up sleeping with you. If you only date 3 out of 100 girls then what happens to the other 97? Instead of never seeing them again (and 97 girls thinking you're weird), why not focus on making 100 female friends and only date the girls with whom you have a genuine connection with each other? That way you'll have 100 female friends, plus all of their friends, which is a huge abundance of girls that think you're cool and not a weirdo. It's all about patience and strategy. I use an evolutionary psychology concept called "Mate Choice Copying" (aka preselection). At the basics, it states: If you place a man in two scenarios, one without girls and one where he is with girls, women will rate the man as more attractive in the instance where he is around girls. This is because a man's value is contextual and not static. As for sex, it's the natural thing that happens when a boy and a girl like each other. You are the product of 40,000 generations of successful reproduction. Literally not a single point of failure otherwise you wouldn't exist, and there definitely wasn't pickup thousands of years ago. The biggest thing is to not get in the way of your own success. Don't try to force your way in, which pickup gets so wrong. So place yourself in environments where you have preselection by having female friends, and more women will like you. Because more women like you, even more will be attracted to you and you'll meet a girl with whom you have a genuine attraction for each other. It's not hard. Billions of people find romantic relationships all the time without knowing what pickup is.
How do you friendzone girls?
You treat them like your male friends and don't hit on them.
How do you make it clear to girls you're just trying to be friends?
You don't hit on them and call them your friend.
Do I have to throw my own events?
No. I suggest you go to someone else's events until you get the feel of how it works and can bring six of your female teammates to one event.
What if I don't know where to find these events?
That's why you need to make female teammates first, and when you do, ask them. They know.
How do I access the events if they're exclusive?
Go with your female teammates. Women get into everything.
How often do you have to talk to the people you meet to keep the relationship going?
You don't. This is what social media is for.
I'm confused about what events are, can you explain them further?
I use this "events" word loosely. It really just means "collecting the people you want into a location you can control". This gives you status and leverage. You could invite people to your house, a bar, a club, or the park as long as you have a small degree of control or social proof in that environment. Events do not have to be massive list parties, charity events or photoshoots. They can be as small or large as you like. They also don't even need to be yours. You can do all of this using someone else's events.
How often should I attend events?
Depends on the kind of event you're talking about. There are micro and macro events. Big and small. Smaller events are used to meet people quickly and more frequently as it's easy to set up and a low-pressure environment. Think like brunches and dinners. Macro events or bigger events are usually every other month. These are big parties, photoshoots, or charity events for example but it depends on the route you want to take. This is where you meet lots of people and use the smaller events to promote the big events.
What if I don't want to throw events?
I use this event's word very loosely. If it helps you think of it differently, use the word "gathering". It can literally be anything. Outing to a baseball game, poker night, a thousand-person seminar, or a three-person dinner. The only thing that matters is that it shows you as high status. It also makes it easier to invite people to something when you say "My friends and I", or "a group of us". If you want to continue to cold approach in GA then that's fine - keep wasting your time wondering why you're not getting results.
What if I don't want to be a host?
You don't have to. The first step is to assist or attend someone else's event. Only then should you consider hosting your own events.
Do I have to pay for the dinners/brunch/events?
No. If you frame it properly by letting people know that it's a group event, then most people understand that they will be paying for themselves. Set clear expectations.
Do I pay for the girls at events?
No. Just like you don't pay your male friends it's the same thing when you make genuine female friendships. They show up because they're friends with you. Also, for most events, you'll be inviting girls to something they're already going to or events they would love to be a part of.
What makes girls want to come out to the things you're inviting them to?
You have to have the Bigger Better Deal (BBD). If you're trying to invite girls to a house party but Drake is playing that night, then you're going to get shut down. Either have the Bigger Better Deal of the night or be the only Bigger Better Deal.

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