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Men of Action Case Studies

How the F-18 Fighter Pilot went from meeting strangers in street bars to a high value social circle in 3 months

"There is nothing out there like Men of Action. There just isn't... I looked."

"I have paid for courses and probably spent more than 10 times on other programs and this has delivered 100x of what those have."

Start Date: 03/29/21
Before: Trying to network randomly
After: Highly leveraged Instagram with an abundant social circle
Timeline: 6 months

Adam's Story

Adam is an F-18 Pilot and instructor for the United States Military - an extremely difficult job to get that requires an exceptional level of skill and intelligence. For years Adam had been trying to put the pieces together to have the social life he wanted. Course after course, he finally found the Men of Action program in 2021.

Not being one to shy away from an opportunity, Adam immediately jumped into working with Michael. After seeing the undeniable proof plastered over Michael’s instagram, and the irrefutable success of other Men of Action Members, Adam knew this was the right choice.

Within three months, he went from doing random networking in local bars, to getting VIP access at tables in Las Vegas for free, surrounded by his female friends. He was also able to network with high status guys that were the movers and shakers he was looking for.

Adam now has millionaire friends in high places,  hangs out with models, gets back-door access to exclusive locations, and feels certain that this area of his life is completely solved.

Revisited: Justin parties with Drake and Justin Bieber

"You need to allow yourself to compound. Once you get these opportunities, you take it, you'll have more open up, and they keep continuously opening up one after another."

Start Date: 05/16/2020
Before: Going to bars, bored
After: Invited to parties with Mark Cuban and Drake
Timeline: 1.5 years

Justin's Story

This is a revisited case study from Justin’s previous one, over a year ago. Since then his results have skyrocketed.

Before Men of Action, Justin had shattered six vertebrae in his spinal cord. He wasn't getting invited to cool events, he didn’t have any female friends in his life, and he was bored with nothing to do. Since he’s joined Men of Action, his life has completely turned around.

Justin now gets invited to content houses such as the Wish House (2 locations, one in Vegas and one in Dan Bilzerian’s old house in Bel-Air), and hangs out with celebrities at events. He also threw a destination influencer event in Tulum paid for by a sponsor. 

But it doesn’t end there. Through the networking taught in MOA, Justin was able to network his way into the P Diddy New Years party, where 30 A-list celebrities were scheduled to appear. This party was so exclusive that he had to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). 

In addition to his envious social circle, he has made a networking connection that he can leverage to make “$15,000 in just one contract with six to seven hours of work”.

Justin is now planning on creating a content house with some influencers and is getting his sponsors to pay for the whole project.

Anthony goes from depressed and lonely to an envious social circle in 1 year

"I'm kind of becoming the hub of a lot of shit going on in LA. It's pretty cool."

"I mean, if you told me these were gonna be my results, for the price that I paid, I would've said, yeah, I'll pay that twice for that."

Start Date: 08/19/2020
Before: One course after another
After: Hangs out with hundreds of models
Timeline: 1 year

Anthony's Story

Always the shy guy, Anthony wanted to have a better social life and took several social dynamics programs, hoping to achieve it. Social training programs didn’t give him the full picture. They filled in some gaps, but he felt like he was burning himself out. He couldn’t see the long-term game and knew there was a better way.

He had followed Michael’s Instagram and knew, undeniably, that Michael lives a different life than most people. Feeling burned and beaten up by the toxic community he was a part of, Anthony learned through evolutionary psychology that in order to improve his social life he needed to become higher value, and he immediately became a Member of Men of Action, a status-focused approach to life and social circle.

Once he joined, he went from knowing two people in Los Angeles to becoming the hub of “a lot of shit going on in LA”. The name “Anthony DiRico” is starting to become a well known name in Los Angeles for parties, thanks to Men of Action.

Anthony has now hosted ten photoshoots, grown his Instagram from 0 to 4k real followers, is in contact with thousands of models, connects with “blue check marks”, is friends with high status guys, and has gotten into events he’d never thought he’d be able to get into.

Paul, a student, gets confused as a millionaire because of his social media

"I feel I can give value to a guy, even if I'm still a student."

"It's not that expensive, and this has been the greatest investment I made."

Start Date: 05/07/2020
Before: College student
After: Taken as a millionaire
Timeline: 4 months

Paul's Story

Before Men of Action, Paul was having trouble meeting the high status people that he was aiming to connect with. He thought that he could only connect with top people if he was rich or famous. He was also thinking that, because of his age and being a student in college, he would have a hard time building a social circle... He was wrong.

Since joining, Paul has thrown world class events and has connected with elites. He sums his journey up well with this line; “the result is like three days ago, I was talking with one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met and she asked me if I was a multimillionaire… and I'm a student.”

Paul now is the hub of nightlife in his city, frequently gets invited to the best tables, and has exclusive access to the DJ booth. Paul claims that Men of Action was the best investment of his life for this reason.

John’s social circle goes from “OK” to elite during COVID

"We started throwing [our events] up on our social media, and the responses we got were incredible. The people who were in our DM's, the people who were coming back to us, the following we were getting."

"It's been worth every penny, and it just continues every day to garner more and more results."

Start Date: 08/05/2020
Before: "Ok" results
After: High value social circle and highly leveraged Instagram
Timeline: 8 months

John's Story

John had a good job and was doing pretty well with his social life. He wanted a high status, and “cool people that build each other up”, type of social circle. It was something that he was really missing. Like most people, he felt that when he was younger he had a better social life, and wanted to get back to that.

He tried many different programs and just couldn’t put the pieces together. He says, “nobody really had that much substance in helping me with my goals.” He was getting results, but he wasn’t completely where he wanted to be, and didn’t feel he was being authentic to himself. He tried building social circles, but was struggling to bring people together and make things happen. He felt lonely and knew he needed a different approach. Following what some people were saying just didn't feel like the right way for John to go about building himself up and making himself an attractive human being.

John had been following Michael for a few years on Instagram, so he'd already seen Michael’s irrefutable visual evidence of what type of life he had. It was very clear that Michael was living the kind of lifestyle that appealed to John and to a lot of other guys out there. John felt a breath of fresh air seeing Michael and his authenticity, his ability to plan long term, and his integrity – traits that are not common among mentors.

John became a Member of MOA after seeing the undeniable proof of both Michael’s success and the success the other Members had after only a few months of joining. John was in lockdown, but that didn’t stop him from striving to accomplish his goals and taking action. From the middle of the year onwards, he just had “event, after event, after event”, which brought new people into his social circle and enabled him to “mix with more people that we wanted to start mixing with.”

MOA is about becoming a high value guy, so John focused on building up his value so he could bring that value to other people by starting to focus on win-win situations. The tangible results he achieved are plastered all over his case study. He feels more confident, has more charisma, and has the “high value social circle of very cool people” he was looking for. He claims “the events have been life changing for me.”

John is still active in the MOA community and is continuously striving for higher levels of abundance and opportunities.

From “cold contacting” to mansions in the Hamptons: How Jon created an elite social circle

"My ability to make and maintain female friends is astronomically high. Like it's insane."

"A lot of people who might be watching this might be on the edge of wanting to join your program. They see what the results are, but they might not think it's possible for them. And I promise you, Michael sets up steps for you to start making these things happen in your life and the choice is yours whether or not you wanna do it. But it's inarguable if it works."

Start Date: 07/04/2020
Before: Course after course
After: Events in Hampton Mansions
Timeline: 4 months

Jon's Story

Jon has been through many success and self-help courses prior to joining MOA. While he was able to find value in them, he was left wanting more. He explains it as “I felt like I tried my best at the time with what I had, but I didn't really get what I wanted. I always felt like it was lacking or missing that next piece to make that [social] connection. It's like the promises that you're told when you're getting into these programs.”

For most of his life, he felt like he was trying to climb that social ladder. Starting off, he was going out to local bars just trying to meet people. He claims that this got him to a certain point in his development, but it still wasn’t the full picture, and he was left wanting more.

Jon had been following Michael for a while, and the little bits of information that Michael would give out really resonated with him. Jon was a part of another program, and Michael joined a live call as a guest speaker. Jon asked a question about his business and Micheal “ripped it apart”, which Jon later thanked him for because it saved him years of struggle and a lot of money.

After becoming a Member, Jon started to make dozens of female friends and together they got access to exclusive events. He also started throwing his own events in nightclubs in NYC and at mansions in the Hamptons, filled with models and high status guys. At his second event, Jon networked with the CEO of a large Ping-Pong company and was able to leverage that connection into his next event.

Always an entrepreneur, Jon is now leveraging his network connections to increase his finances.

Mossab goes from local bars to high status events

"I was going out and then as soon as those two events happened, like after that, it was just smooth sailing. I had people to go out with all the time – it was just day and night before and after."

Start Date: 04/22/2020
Before: Local bars
After: High status social circle
Timeline: 2 months

Mossab's Story

Before Men of Action, Mossab was focused on going to local bars to meet people – something that is extremely inefficient and had him banging his head against the wall due to the low quality of people he was meeting. He tried building a social circle, but he didn’t understand the steps to do it properly.

Mossab saw that Michael had an epic social circle and was teaching guys a different approach to building one - an approach that was more systematic and logical. After joining the program, Mossab focused on raising his status and value to society. Quickly, Mossab realized that this is what he was looking for from the beginning. 

Mossab was Michael’s first client. Michael helped Mossab build a genuine social circle of high value men and female friends, and started to help him focus on things that would make him more valuable to other people. Instead of a short term strategy, Michael helped Mossab plan for the long term, and it paid dividends.

Mossab has now thrown several noteworthy events, traveled the world, and has made genuine connections with people that mattered most to him.
Mossab is now happily married and continues to grow his social network.

Mansions and private jets: Shankha makes money from his events

"My life is just different and I'm just a different person from a year ago, to be honest."

"ROI it's kind of priceless to be honest because the trajectory of my life is completely different if I wasn't in MOA"

Start Date: 09/02/2020
Before: Average life
After: Mansion and private jet events
Timeline: 3 months

Shankha's Story

Shankha was in other programs that taught about social circle before Men of Action, but even those programs “felt like the results weren't as significant as [he] had from the life [he] was [already] living.” Not meeting the movers and shakers of his city frustrated Shankha. The people he was meeting were average. Shankha was trying to break the barrier and meet the people that were going on fun trips to the coolest locations. There was a lack of clarity in Shankha’s life. He wasn’t really sure what he was aiming for and started to feel lost.

Shankha had known about Michael from the “random Youtubers” that Michael would do interviews with. Shankha appreciated that Michael would give these guys a chance and do a podcast episode with them.

Shanka joined the Men of Action program and soon he started to see the results he was looking for. He started throwing his own events and networking with the type of people he was aiming to meet. He was able to network with a company that allowed him to throw an event on their private jet. 

His events have grown so much that people are offering him money to put together events and the private jet company he worked with previously paid him for another event. 
Shankha best describes it as, “To be honest, my life is just different and I'm just a different person from a year ago.”

How Godwin 100x’d his Social Network in 9 months

"It's a long-term strategy, you realize why you're doing it but there is a tipping point and there's another side to it where the results just are exponential."

"The program just helped with reaching that goal. Just every aspect, when I say every aspect, I mean like money, women, my lifestyle, my mentality – everything."

Start Date: 06/16/2020
Before: No path or direction
After: 100x network increase
Timeline: 9 months

Godwin's Story

Like most people that join Men of Action, Godwin has been through a lot of courses and they didn't give him the exact results he wanted, even though he would “do things to a T”. He was working on improving his Instagram, but even with his Instagram getting better, he still wasn't getting the results that he wanted.

He had this thought in his head “Down the line I can start. Maybe when I have money or maybe when my life situation gets better, then I can start.” He wanted to be in the top 1% percent, and was sick of not doing anything, but once he saw how knowledgeable Michael was, and Michael’s results, he became a Member of Men of Action.

He started throwing small events like dinners, hot tub parties, and eventually photoshoots. The program helped him get into the nightlife scene in Miami as well. By building a social circle, having long term thinking / strategy, and making dozens of close female friends, Godwin now has an envious social circle and has become the funnel for fun out in Miami.

He feels his networking life has improved “100x” and “there's so many people that I know that it's almost hard to keep track of all the people that come into my network.”

Vincent goes from decent social life to free bottle service tables

"I feel like every single week is getting progressively more and more amazing, and I'm excited to see what I can achieve in the next six months."

"If your goal is to have models at your parties, to throw the best parties and to network with the highest status guys, then it just can't compete."

Start Date: 10/13/2020
Before: 80% of what he wanted
After: 100% fulfilled
Timeline: 4 months

Vincent's Story

Vincent had success, but it was 80% of what he wanted. He has a great job, a good family, and had a decent social life prior to joining Men of Action. However, he would always be a little bit confused and a little bit jaded. He says, “Whenever I'd go into a nightclub, whenever I would see somebody driving a Lamborghini or something like that, I would always ask why did they get that and why don't I have that? Am I not deserving of that, are they just smarter than me, are they better looking than me?” 

Vincent has been following many coaches and they all were talking about the same thing. He stumbled upon Michael and realized that he was different from the others. He kept getting inundated by Michael’s social life and Michael saying that he could have one too if he worked for it. He wanted something to replicate.

He joined Men of Action, and within two months, started throwing events with “each one getting progressively bigger and bigger.” He moved to Miami from Chicago and upon his first week in Miami he threw a event with people he had never met before.

Within the first month of being in Miami, he went to a club with his female friends and met the owner. The owner mentioned how he needed content for the club, and Vincent jumped on the opportunity to provide value. He has been able to get tables for free because of his ability to create win-win situations with people.

Since this case study was filmed, Vincent’s growth has been exponential, and his social circle is becoming better and better.

Mohit 10x’d his finances while doing events on Yachts

"You can't quantify this ROI. I mean I would put the numbers somewhere between infinity and beyond"

"I've met some of the most beautiful people in Singapore that I would not have even dreamt of meeting before."

Start Date: 05/01/2020
Before: Skinny and worried
After: +13kgs muscle with 10x finances
Timeline: 6 months

Mohits's Story

At the time that Mohit joined Men of Action, everything was shut down. There was no way to meet people or go out. He was feeling frustrated as to what he should be doing in order to build a social circle. Mohit was doing events before Men of Action, but he struggled to make them what he envisioned them to be.

Mohit joined MOA and the transformation he experienced is best explained by him when he says, “I definitely grew up a lot in a very short amount of time. I just felt like I was still a boy back then.” While everyone in MOA was focused on mansions, Mohit tried a different angle, starting by doing events in public places such as beaches. This unlikely approach helped Mohit scale his social circle up quickly, in a country that was in complete lockdown.

He is now able to throw events in villas worth $10k a night, and on yachts, completely free of charge.

Justin throws event within one month of joining MOA, even with a broken neck

"If you really think that you can't do it. I was the guy who had screws in his head where I could barely walk. I couldn't even drive. I couldn't do anything. If I could do it, you could easily do it."

"Within the first month of joining Men of Action, I had our first event. I never thought it would actually happen – to have all these girls around me at this amazing house."

Start Date: 5/16/2020
Before: Broken neck survivor
After: 10 million views on Tik Tok
Timeline: 1 month

Justin's Story

Before Men of Action, Justin had shattered six vertebrae in his spinal cord. He wasn't getting invited to cool events, he didn’t have any female friends in his life, and he was bored with nothing to do. Being a sales rep for a well known cell phone company, he felt like he was missing out on a big part of his life, and wasn’t completely satisfied with the direction things were going. Justin was sick of being in the “hamster wheel.” 

Justin has been following Michael for years and had been patiently waiting for the right opportunity to start learning from him. Once he heard Michael was doing a program, he was one of the first people to become a Member. 

Since joining MOA, Justin has thrown events in mansions and yachts with helicopters, and has made plenty of female friends. Using the social media principles that are taught in the program, Justin was able to garner ten million views on Tik Tok in two weeks. Within one month of becoming a Member, Justin threw his first event and actually had too many people show up.

According to Justin, the impact Men of Action has had on him has been life changing and it has “boosted his self esteem like crazy.” The increased boost to his confidence and status allowed him to meet people that he really connects with.

Justin now has influencers with millions of followers responding back to him within minutes.

Keegan lands a six figure tech job using his social circle

"I was able to throw four events within the space of five months without spending anything but my plane tickets, a meal and, a place to stay"

Start Date: 07/04/2020
Before: Nokia flip phone
After: Destination event in Mexico
Timeline: 6 months

Keegan's Story

Back in high school, Keegan had that classic “video gamer social circle”. After high school and starting college, Keegan wanted to be a part of the top social circles, so he became a party promoter. This worked fine for a period of time, but he hit a ceiling. When it comes to having a fulfilling social life, he says, “Biggest problem was my lack of cool guy friends and female friends.” He says he was lost with what to do, but he was eager to improve his life. 

Since becoming a Member of Men of Action, Keegan has thrown events in Vegas, LA, and Mexico. He was able to throw four events in the span of five months with each one having no cost other than his flight, meals, and place to sleep. He also became friends with a guy who owns a Lamborghini dealership and a Porsche dealership, who he was able to throw an event with later. He says his core group of friends has gotten better, and he has been able to leverage his network to land a six figure tech job. 

Keegan is now further expanding his social circle, creating more abundance, and planning more travel.

Andre builds a system for his social circle because of Men of Action

"I always think that the difference between MOA and other things I've seen is that MOA is like a system of ways to better your life, to become more social, and to have the people you want in your life."

"I just think that without MOA, I think the things I've done would've taken 10 years."

Start Date: 07/12/20
Before: No system for meeting people
After: Balance between social circle and medicine
Timeline: 6 months

Andre's Story

Andre was working a residency in internal medicine before Men of Action, and was going out to bars and clubs trying to meet people and network. He says, “I was just going out trying to be social, and I found that when you go out and you stop at some point, your progress stops… Your benefits stop… And so, I was always looking for a system that would help me and benefit me, always. And then, I was getting busy in my residency and I'm like, ‘I don't have time. I don't have time to go out. I don't have time to necessarily socialize as I used to.’ So I had to find a better way.”

Andre had known about Michael for a while. He was patiently waiting for Michael to release a program, whatever it was, and quickly jumped on the opportunity when Men of Action launched. 

“I was always looking at a way to expand the social circle, work a social circle, and it was kind of in the peak of the pandemic, too. So, I mean, I think I'm naturally introverted, so working on something that would help that and would just further my progress [is what I was looking for],“ says Andre.

His case study really speaks for itself. He’s been able to build a social circle he is proud of, put together events with the people that matter, raise his status, and improve his communication skills.

Matt puts together events in the Hamptons and helps at Miami Swim Week

"In the last year I feel I've grown 10x from where I started from."

"These are things that I never thought would have been possible a year, two years ago, especially during the height of the pandemic."

Start Date: 10/10/2020
Before: Small time model photographer
After: Networking with large fashion brands, Miami Swim Week, and Mansion owners
Timeline: 5 months

Matt's Story

An engineer by trade, Matt heard about Michael during a Live call that Michael was a guest speaker on in a different program. Michael, not being one to give anything but direct, cutthroat feedback, ripped into Matt’s ego about his photography. It wasn’t the quality of his photos, but the quality of the people he was working with. Michael knew Matt had more potential.

This was near the height of the pandemic, and Matt was frustrated because he couldn’t go out and meet people like he had in the past. Matt then joined Men of Action because he saw that Michael was still going out and meeting new people, despite the world collapsing, in a way that Matt hadn’t seen before.

A long time Member of Men of Action, Matt has been able to network with high fashion brands like Vixen and has made elite connections in the photography industry. Matt has also thrown charity events, events at Mansions in the Hamptons, and has networked with a group to help partake in putting together Miami Swim Week.

Matt is now in talks with getting access to a $30k venue for free, simply based on the value that he is able to provide to other people.

Keating the DJ opens for famous music artists because of his networking strategy

"In terms of opportunities that have come my way, or networking, it's hard to put a cap on it because the full return hasn't even been realized yet."

"I've opened for three or four artists this year that would sell out stadiums and I'm planning for another one"

Start Date: 07/03/2020
Before: Didn’t know how to use Instagram
After: Leverages social media to open for famous DJs
Timeline: 6 months

Keating's Story

Before Men of Action, Keating wasn't on social media at all. He was working 60 hours a week selling software. Keating was interested in DJing once COVID happened and started learning how to mix music together during lockdown.

Keating enjoyed the authenticity, integrity, and originality that Michael had to offer. He saw how Michael wasn’t just re-hashing old ideas, but had new strategies for networking with people by using social media. 

After he joined Men of Action, he built out a pretty impressive content profile that led to a lot of real-world results in terms of shows that he was able to play locally and local residencies. He currently has a residency at the W Hotel in Austin. He was also able to build a big social network and leveraged it to open for DJs who sell out stadiums.

From local bars to event planning: How James threw an event in the middle of nowhere

"I realized, this is not rocket science, everyone who follows the instructions can do this, no matter where you are."

"I think this is the best program if you want to become the man you want to be, have a great social life, and achieve something."

Start Date: 06/13/2020
Before: Meeting strangers in local bars
After: Well-networked in the “middle of nowhere”
Timeline: 6 months

James's Story

James moved to the United States 11 years ago from Hong Kong. He was continuously trying to find the answers to improve his social life and kept asking himself, “Why isn’t this working for me?” He was going to seminars and getting “feel good” results, but he didn’t actually get the results he wanted.

He would go out to local bars each week and try to meet people. This made him frustrated because he wasn’t becoming a grounded man that had his life together, he was just pretending to be that man. James had been following Michael for a long time so he had seen the results that Michael had in his life, and noticed Michael was doing things differently from everyone else. He was sick of being pushed around and decided to join Men of Action to become a better leader.

James lives in Omaha, Nebraska - a place not well known for its social life. Even so, he was able to throw an event with almost two dozen well known Instagram models. This is because the Men of Action Formula isn’t dependent on your location. As long as you’re around humans, instead of goats and pigs, this stuff works. Men of Action teaches you how to be high status, rather than tricking people into thinking that you’re high status. Like James says in his case study “It’s not rocket science… If you can follow instructions you can do this.”

From his first event, he was able to network with a realtor who has access to the biggest houses in Omaha, and wanted to provide a location for James’s events. Not only did James’s social circle improve, he also increased his work communication and proficiency by 80% because of the status-based principles Michael teaches.

James now feels more confident in his social life and is comfortably working in High Tech using the communication skills he learned in Men of Action to move up in his career.

47-year-old Grandfather becomes “Dan Bilzerian” in his Rural Town

"Since I’ve joined Men of Action, my growth has been exponential"

Start Date: 10/10/2020
Before: Isolated in rural town
After: Fulfilling social life and huge house parties
Timeline: 4 months

Jonnie's Story

Coming from being a club promoter in Chicago, Jonnie knew a little bit about social circles, but he still didn’t have one that he was proud of. At the age of 47, he moved to a small rural town in Eastern Washington where he didn’t know anyone and felt isolated. 

He had a hard time building a new social circle in his rural community with the “traditional approach”. To top it off, he is also a grandfather. He wanted that abundant lifestyle full of rewarding relationships like Dan Bilzerian and Hugh Hefner, aiming to make his life limitless. 

After a long time, and a lot of trial and error, he found some success, but he knew he had more potential. Jonnie has followed Micheal for almost a decade and the moment Michael released Men of Action, Jonnie jumped on board. 

Within a month of joining, for his birthday, he threw a 60 person house party. Shortly after, he networked with a boat owner to start throwing boat parties and started to make a lot of female friends. Jonnie started throwing so many parties that he became known as the “Dan Bilzerian '' of his town. It’s, honestly, kind of hard to tell them apart.

Yaniv goes from confused to fulfilled

"My experience of life improved, I am more happy, I have more time, and that goes for everything"

"I’ve stopped lying to myself, I’ve stopped getting in my own way and being unproductive, and my quality of life has improved."

Start Date: 05/26/2020
Before: Confused
After: Happier with more free time
Timeline: 3 months

Yaniv's Story

Yaniv was in the Israeli Military, so he was no stranger to hard and focused work. However, upon graduating college and leaving the military, he was feeling confused. He had goals that he wanted to accomplish, but they felt “just out of reach.” After the failure of his business, he was fed up and told himself he was going to put his life back together. 

He joined Men of Action with the intention of creating his ideal social life. Michael helped work on Yaniv’s mindset, helped him define and reverse engineer his goals, and helped him design a social circle that has led Yaniv to feeling more happy. Yaniv now has much more free time to hang out with and enjoy the new connections in his life.

Rocky builds a social circle he’s finally proud of

"People who should join Men of Action are people who want to change their lives and they're willing to, other than pay, sacrifice their time, blood, sweat, and tears."

Start Date: 07/17/2020
Before: Couldn't put the pieces together
After: 5 events in 6 months
Timeline: 6 months

Rocky's Story

Rocky was on the journey of self-improvement and taking courses from multiple mentors that would “take him for a loop”. He wanted to meet higher quality people and to earn more money.

Rocky would go out each weekend, which was a “hit or miss”. He was having superficial conversations, wasn’t being authentic to himself, and was over it. Completely fed up, he wanted a change.

Rocky was looking for a mentor that had characteristics and traits that he would like to emulate. That’s when he found Michael and immediately resonated with him. Then, he saw Michael’s Instagram and knew Michael could help him accomplish his goals.

Since he’s joined, he’s set up five events and has “met a lot of people that I never thought I would meet”. Rocky says his social skills and his mental health has improved since he joined Men of Action.

How Idrees Improved his lead generation for his business through social media and events

"So that also has a huge impact and honestly, it's probably in the six figures, if you count it up in terms of clients I can get and other things I can build off of that."

Start Date: 07/09/2020
Before: Face-to-face business networking
After: Scalable lead gen through Instagram
Timeline: 4 months

Idrees's Story

Idrees owns a credit repair company and was primarily meeting clients through face-to-face meetings, but when the world closed he lost his main source of leads. Idrees knew he had to be prevalent on social media, otherwise his business would tank.

What attracted Idrees to Men of Action, was Michael’s focus on leadership, integrity, and empathy - things that are not generally talked about by the people he was following. 

Upon joining Men of Action, Idrees focused on improving his Instagram. His business then quickly got a shot in the arm with the new source of leads.

How James Became a Charity Event Host By Building A High Value Social Circle

"So before this, if we want to rewind, this is pretty much nothing. Life began with MOA."

"This is another level of leadership that you can acquire by listening to the right mentor."

Start Date: 04/12/2020
Before: No Instagram
After: Throws charity events with high status guys
Timeline: 6 months

James L's Story

Before Men of Action, James was spinning his wheels trying to network with higher quality people. He didn’t know what to do or how to do it. He was a part of other courses, but he didn’t like them because they were just “hype” programs.

Once he joined MOA he met the other Member’s who were like-minded and was able to start throwing events. James is now a charity event host in NYC.

Silicon Valley Programmer Becomes Top Model Photographer

"Everything’s better. I’ve had a lot more access and a lot more growth."

Start Date: 04/01/2021
Before: Spinning wheels trying to network
After: Shoots models with millions of followers
Timeline: 6 months

Brennan's Story

Wanting to get out of the rat race of software engineering in Silicon Valley, Brennan moved to Vegas and picked up photography. Brennan was trying to get access to exclusive spots to shoot top models with little luck.

After meeting Michael at a small local shoot, Brennan was immediately curious about the program once he saw how Michael conducts himself, and how he was able to network with everyone so easily. Brennan then became a Member of Men of Action so he could throw his own events and become a better networker, which he knew would help his photography.

As the program teaches, Brennan started focusing on becoming more valuable to society. He started building productive habits, and became a better communicator while using his social media to lethal effectiveness levels for networking. He used the MOA Formula to build up his social circle and improved his overall character.

Within three months, he became extremely well networked in Vegas. Brennan has been able to shoot with some of the most successful models on the planet - girls with millions of followers. Just look at the models in his case study.



" Because of Men of Action I'm getting access to celebrity parties in LA."


" I got a lot from the program. I learned how to meet models and connect with high status guys."


" Michael has been very specific and blunt and honest with me."


" I actually had too many girls show up to my event."


" For me, it's changed how I interact with people."


" I was able to systematize the connections I wanted to be able to make."


" There's nobody better at networking, and there's nobody better at teaching it."


" It's just an upward spiral of value arbitrage and wins."


" I learned how to better interact with people, and myself"


" Within two months of Men of Action I was throwing my own events."


" You can tell there's a big difference from this course and everything else that is out there."


" With whatever Michael is teaching, he demonstrates it right in front of you."


" The community is freaking amazing."


" This helped to expand to levels that I thought were not even possible."


" You're going to get so much more value from Men of Action then you actually want. It's insane."


" With all the learning I felt like I was in college again."


" Top models are telling me that I throw the best events, and that's because of MOA."

Frequently Asked Questions

• Why do I have to fill out a quiz?• Why do I have to schedule a call?• Who is Michael Sartain?• What type of people join Men of Action? Who should be in Men of Action?• I don't have any specific goals yet, should I join Men of Action?• What if I don't want to throw events / be a host?• What if I'm not ready to improve my life yet?• What if I live in a small town / I don't live in a big city?• What if everything is closed because of COVID?• What if I don't have any friends right now?• What if I want to do this on my own / without help?• I work in an industry where I would get in trouble if I posted about my epic lifestyle• I don't have an Instagram / I don't like social media• Do I have to have an Instagram like Michael's?• I don't think Social Circle works• What type of events will the program help me with? Do I have to do photoshoots?• How long is the course / what's the time commitment?• How long before I'll see results?

•  Why do I have to fill out a quiz?
We require you to fill out a quiz to see if you are a good fit for the program. We do not want everyone in the program -- some people do not belong in the program at all. We use the quiz to screen out these people.

•  Why do I have to schedule a call?
Again, we do not just want anyone to be in the program. The community we have created is awesome, so we don't want people to ruin it. We also do these calls to see if your goals even match up with the program so you don't waste your time. Every call that we do we make sure that you leave happy and with some sort of value, even if you don't join the program. This is Michael's philosophy and it carries over into his team.

•  Who is Michael Sartain?
Read Michael’s biography here.

•  What is Men of Action?
Men of Action is a program by Michael Sartain that teaches you how to build a social circle and become higher status. It is a program that teaches men how to build the epic lifestyle of their choosing.

•  What type of people join Men of Action? Who should be in Men of Action?
The Men of Action program is designed to help men who want to have a great social life that draws people in, be down right charismatic, have an abundance of opportunities, and live life on their own terms with the right people.

The type of people in the program are:
- Already successful but know there's more
- Entrepreneurs
- Hard working
- Dedicated to their improvement
- Focused on achieving goals
- Over achievers
- Athletes
- Fed up with their current life situation
- Nerds
- Willing to do whatever it takes to improve their life
- Care about increasing social status
- Want to be leaders

•  I don’t have any specific goals yet, should I join Men of Action?
Absolutely. That's the whole point of the program. Michael helps you discover and define what your goals are immediately upon joining the program. Even if you already have goals Michael is going to teach you how to reverse engineer them to success. 

•  What if I don’t want to throw events / be a host?
You don’t have to. Remember the program teaches you how to live the life that you want, not the one anyone else wants you to live. The reason we throw events is because it's less time input for a greater return. You can network with high status people, and invite all the people you want to meet into one location. But if you want to keep it low-key, the program also teaches you how to be invited to high status events for free, and how to network with people without attending events at all.

•  What if I’m not ready to improve my life yet?
Honestly, you’ll never “feel ready”. Somewhere at sometime, it was perpetuated that there will be this magical moment in life and you’ll be immediately ready to start improving your life. That’s total bullshit. If you keep waiting for that moment, you’ll never be the man want to be. The time to improve is now. If you’re reading this right now then you know this to be true. Stop waiting for your perfect moment and start taking action now.

•  What if I live in a small town / I don’t live in a big city?
See the Jonnie Case Study. He lives in an extremely rural town in the Northwest and still has women flying out from Miami to see him, and became known as the “Dan Bilzerian” of his town. Another guy in rural Michigan created the central social circle of his small town and is now the most popular guy in his city. You can become a desirable man anywhere. It is not location dependent. The only thing that matters is your willingness to improve. 

•  What if everything is closed because of COVID?
It won’t be forever. Even when you join the program you won't immediately become desirable. You have to put in the work, and that work takes time. By the time everything opens up you’ll be ready to hit the ground sprinting because you’ve put so much effort into your success. We had guys all throughout COVID show massive success during the pandemic. Just see the Justin Case Study.

•  What if I don’t have any friends right now?
You don’t need anyone else to start the program, and part of the reason we started the program is to build a community of awesome guys so that you can network with them. We’ve had clients meet their best friends in the program, and we’ve even had people move to a new city together and become roommates. This program is designed for you to network with like minded people and start creating epic lifestyles together. Even if you have friends, you’ll be meeting such cooler people that you won't have time for your old friends.

•  What if I want to do this without help / on my own?
It’s great that you’re independent, but why would you not want help? People think being
“Self-made” means not accepting any form of help from anyone. That’s absurd. What it actually means is “Becoming successful by your own efforts.” That means you put in the work, you take the action, but you have a guide along the way. It took Michael 20 years, hundreds and hundreds of books, extreme trials and tribulations, elite connections, and tens of thousands of reference points to get to where he is now. 20 years is 7305 days. Do you want to spend that time to become the man you want to be? Or would you rather do it in 60 days? The choice is yours, but if you’re reading this far you’re definitely smart and know the short route is the best option. 

•  I work in an industry where I would get in trouble if I had an epic lifestyle.
Of course you do, because you’re already a man with success, we expect that much. Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, or world champion athlete there are people in the program just like you (seriously, world champion athletes have joined the Men of Action and they can absolutely not be public about it). You do not need to be public about your journey with Men of Action. You can create an abundant lifestyle without anyone seeing something that would hurt your reputation. Once you join the program, start reaching out to the other doctors, lawyers, etc. and see how they've built their lifestyles away from prying eyes.

•  I don’t have an Instagram / I don’t like social media.
Does anyone who is successful actually enjoy social media? Probably not -- with a few edge cases. But what they do know is social media gets them the results they want. That’s exactly what we use social media for, to help us build an epic lifestyle -- a phone number isn’t enough. It’s comparable to horses and cars. In the past, you were able to get around decently with horses, but they were slow, needed to be watered and fed, and they needed to sleep. Once cars came in, it removed all of the drawbacks of horses, got you to your destination 10x quicker, and were easy to use. It’s the same thing with texting vs social media. Social media is 10x quicker to get results, more effective for building an abundant lifestyle, and removes all of the drawbacks of texting. There’s no reason to not have a social media presence for the man that wants an abundant lifestyle. 

•  Do I have to have an Instagram like Michael’s?
No. Michael built his life the exact way he wants it. He hangs out with the exact people he wants to be around, dates the exact girl he likes, and hosts the bikini competition he’s always wanted to. That’s what Michael wanted for his life and his Instagram is conducive for those goals. We teach you how to design your social media to exactly cater towards your goals. We teach you to find the accounts you want to model, and the archetypes that match your personal brand. 

•  What type of events will the program help me with? Do I have to do photoshoots?
Parties, photoshoots, charity events, dinners, galas, bikini competitions, game nights, FaceTime Parties, etc. Literally any time that more than 5 people are in a room together this program will help you with. You can do any type of event you would like to, and you are not tied down to any one event. 

•  How long is the course / what’s the time commitment ?
It's a 12-week course where if you put in the work you will see results in 45 days or less. You shouldn’t need to put any more than 5 hours a week into this program.

•  How long before I’ll see results?
If you put in the work, you will see results in 45 days or less, but you have to follow instructions. Don't come whining to us when you don't get what you were hoping for and you took none of the action steps.

•  Does Michael offer private coaching?
Yes, if you are interested in private coaching with Michael, click this link here

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