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I have paid for courses and probably spent more than 10 times on other programs and this has delivered 100x of what those have.

I'm kind of becoming the hub of a lot of shit going on in LA. It's pretty cool.

This has been the greatest investment I've ever made.

We started throwing [our events] up on our social media, and the responses we got were incredible. The people who were in our DM's, the people who were coming back to us, the following we were getting.

A lot of people who might be watching this might be on the edge of wanting to join your program. They see what the results are, but they might not think it's possible for them. And I promise you, Michael sets up steps for you to start making these things happen in your life and the choice is yours whether or not you wanna do it. But it's inarguable if it works.

I was going out and then as soon as those two events happened, like after that, it was just smooth sailing. I had people to go out with all the time - it was just day and night before and after.

My life is just different and I'm just a different person from a year ago, to be honest.

The program just helped with reaching that goal. Just every aspect, when I say every aspect, I mean like money, women, my lifestyle, my mentality - everything.

If your goal is to have models at your parties, to throw the best parties and to network with the highest status guys, then it just can't compete.

I've met some of the most beautiful people in Singapore that I would not have even dreamt of meeting before.

I was able to throw four events within the space of five months without spending anything but my plane tickets, a meal and, a place to stay.

In the last year I feel I've grown 10x from where I started from.

I've opened for three or four artists this year that would sell out stadiums and I'm planning for another one

I think this is the best program if you want to become the man you want to be, have a great social life, and achieve something.

Since I've joined Men of Action, my growth has been exponential

My experience of life improved, I am more happy, I have more time, and that goes for everything

People who should join Men of Action are people who want to change their lives and they're willing to, other than pay, sacrifice their time, blood, sweat, and tears.

So that also has a huge impact and honestly, it's probably in the six figures, if you count it up in terms of clients I can get and other things I can build off of that.

So before this, if we want to rewind, this is pretty much nothing. Life began with MOA.

Everything's better. I've had a lot more access and a lot more growth.

Because of Men of Action I'm getting access to celebrity parties in LA.

I got a lot from the program. I learned how to meet models and connect with high status guys.

Michael has been very specific and blunt and honest with me.

For me, it's changed how I interact with people.

I was able to systematize the connections I wanted to be able to make.

There's nobody better at networking, and there's nobody better at teaching it.

It's just an upward spiral of value arbitrage and wins.

I learned how to better interact with people, and myself.

Within two months of Men of Action I was throwing my own events.

You can tell there's a big difference from this course and everything else that is out there.

With whatever Michael is teaching, he demonstrates it right in front of you.

The community is freaking amazing.

This helped to expand to levels that I thought were not even possible.

You're going to get so much more value from Men of Action then you actually want. It's insane.

With all the learning I felt like I was in college again.

Top models are telling me that I throw the best events, and that's because of MOA.

Sometimes I have to just slap myself when I wake up because this is just...

It's up to you if you want to grow, but Michael is going to be there with your every step of the way.

Girls that I haven't talked to in years were hitting me up.

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