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Learn Why Michael Sartain Created Men of Action

Watch Michael's heroic come up story. From a bullied kid in the ghetto of Dallas to a millionaire investor with a social circle he built from the ground up, Michael walks you through his long-walk to freedom and why he decided to build the Men of Action program.

Meet the Men of Action Team

Lead Performance Coach - Michael Sartain

Michael's Instagram

Michael went to the University of Texas at Austin from 1996 until 2000 and graduated with a BBA in Management Information Systems.

Michael graduated college at the end of the DotCom Bubble and the beginning of a severe collapse in the job market. Looking for work straight out of college he ended up as a DJ and later a manager at a gentlemen’s club in Austin.

During this period Michael learned the importance of clear, direct communication, the importance of having a strong speaking voice and how to manage people in very challenging circumstances.

Witnessing the tragedies of 9/11, Michael left Austin in 2004 and joined the United States Air Force as a KC-135 navigator. Michael served in the Air Force for seven years achieving the rating of Instructor Navigator and obtaining the rank of Captain. He was given several accommodations including Navigator of the year for his squadron in 2008, an Air Force achievement medal as a planning officer during the summer surge in Afghanistan in 2009 and several air medals for his over 400 combat flight hours over Iraq and Afghanistan.

During this period Michael learned the importance of good leadership, integrity, extreme ownership and determination. It was also during this period Michael learned the incredible destructive power of poor leadership and passive aggressive behavior.

In 2011 Michael left the Air Force and moved to Las Vegas becoming an event host and eventually a self help coach. Michael started off hosting small pageants then later, very large swimsuit competitions and nightclub events in Vegas. Eventually he became the MC and recruiter for some extremely large parties and charity events in Los Angeles as well.

During this period Micheal learned the importance of high level networking, value arbitrage, building trust with clients and sponsors as well as the extreme importance of an abundance mindset.

In 2013 Michael started studying finance as a second career and in 2015 he started taking on clients as a money manager. He has studied under Tom Sosnoff (the founder of the Think or Swim and TastyWorks platforms) who is the foremost expert on stock option trading on the planet. Michael is currently one of the Follow Traders on the TastyWorks platform as well as a portfolio manager for a proprietary fund.

From finance, Michael learned the incredible importance of statistical and quantitative analysis with regards to decision making in all areas of life. He also learned how to operate in several different financial markets including equities, futures, crypto, options, bonds and currencies.

Since 2008 Michael has been asked to be a speaker or guest instructor for several different self help programs. He speaks on subjects including evolutionary psychology, astronomy, finance, dating, enlightenment, sociology, networking, human attraction, physics and the military. Michael completes between 45-55 books a year on every subject imaginable.

From these experiences Michael learned the importance of intellectual curiosity, gratitude, humility as well as the importance of public speaking.  He also learned about win-win situations, teaching others and the importance of giving back through charity and education.

In 2019 Michael created the Men Of Action program. The program was a culmination of all these lessons and many more. The Men of Action program focuses on five pillars: Social Networking, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Mindset and Finance.

Chief of Operations - Miguel Colon

Miguel's Instagram

Miguel holds a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Connecticut. 

After graduating, Miguel became an Actuary helping Insurance companies maximize profits and minimize risk through the creation of multiple models / completing various projects to generate new business and optimize current business. 

During this time, Miguel started to intern for a dating company and quickly went from writing blogs and youtube videos to becoming one of their top Executive Coaches helping thousands of guys around the world improve their dating life. 
Miguel taught all sorts of men how to develop the skill set of confidently walking up to any girl you see across the room or on the street and taking it from hello to dating.

After years of working with this company and thousands guys later, Miguel began working with Real Social Dynamics and focused more on building social circles and how to surround yourself with some of the most high status men and beautiful women in your city - even if you just moved there and don’t know anyone yet. 

While with Real Social Dynamics, Miguel helped run, manage and was an Executive Coach for their Vegas Immersion Program. This was a phenomenal program because of the immersive experience. Seven days a week, Miguel brought guys out to the best clubs in the world helping them meet some of the most beautiful women in the world. 

The progress clients made on a continual basis throughout the program was incredible. Clients would come in as a beginner and leave an absolute beast. The most profound change was clients' improved confidence that helped them to reach new heights in all areas of life. 

When COVID hit, Vegas Immersion paused and he started coaching guys live over Zoom. So many guys came on the zoom calls and wanted to continue their mentoring that we eventually created and launched a new business offering an online mentoring program. 

This quickly grew and because clients from anywhere in the world could join we were able to expand our reach and mentor that many more men around the world.

For the past year, Miguel has helped this company grow from $0 to a 7 figure business by leveraging his sales and marketing expertise. 

Chief of Marketing - Grant Jordan

Grant's Instagram

Grant studied Computer Science and Economics at Montana State University. He has always labeled himself as a "nerd" and could frequently be found writing modded code for the video games he played as a kid.

Grant was an All-State athlete in soccer and track and field. He won several awards for soccer, played on elite teams all over the nation, was voted most likely to go pro, and was offered several Division 1 scholarships once he completed high school. He declined these offers and switched his focus from athletics to business.

Always entrepreneurially minded, Grant has started seven businesses - ranging from full blown construction companies to fashion labels. He has also been a Wildland Firefighter and a senior banker of a bank with $500,000,000+ assets under management.

Armed with his knowledge of economics and business marketing, as well as his dedication and focus, he became the CMO for Men of Action Co. and helped turn the it into a 7 figure business in a year.

Grant lives a nomadic lifestyle and has lived in many cities all over the USA. He is currently enjoying his time on the West Coast.

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