Men of Action Testimonial: Jonnie W

47-year-old Grandfather becomes "Dan Bilzerian" in his Rural Town

"Since I've joined Men of Action, my growth has been exponential"

Coming from being a club promoter in Chicago, Jonnie knew a little bit about social circles, but he still didn't have one that he was proud of. At the age of 47, he moved to a small rural town in Eastern Washington where he didn't know anyone and felt isolated. He had a hard time building a new social circle in his rural community with the "traditional approach". To top it off, he is also a grandfather. He wanted that abundant lifestyle full of rewarding relationships like Dan Bilzerian and Hugh Hefner, aiming to make his life limitless. After a long time, and a lot of trial and error, he found some success, but he knew he had more potential. Jonnie has followed Micheal for almost a decade and the moment Michael released Men of Action, Jonnie jumped on board. Within a month of joining, for his birthday, he threw a 60 person house party. Shortly after, he networked with a boat owner to start throwing boat parties and started to make a lot of female friends. Jonnie started throwing so many parties that he became known as the "Dan Bilzerian" of his town. It's, honestly, kind of hard to tell them apart.

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