Men of Action Testimonial: Jon J

From "cold contacting" to mansions in the Hamptons: How Jon created an elite social circle

"A lot of people who might be watching this might be on the edge of wanting to join your program. They see what the results are, but they might not think it's possible for them. And I promise you, Michael sets up steps for you to start making these things happen in your life and the choice is yours whether or not you wanna do it. But it's inarguable if it works."

Jon has been through many success and self-help courses prior to joining MOA. While he was able to find value in them, he was left wanting more. He explains it as "I felt like I tried my best at the time with what I had, but I didn't really get what I wanted. I always felt like it was lacking or missing that next piece to make that [social] connection. It's like the promises that you're told when you're getting into these programs." For most of his life, he felt like he was trying to climb that social ladder. Starting off, he was going out to local bars just trying to meet people. He claims that this got him to a certain point in his development, but it still wasn't the full picture, and he was left wanting more. Jon had been following Michael for a while, and the little bits of information that Michael would give out really resonated with him. Jon was a part of another program, and Michael joined a live call as a guest speaker. Jon asked a question about his business and Micheal "ripped it apart", which Jon later thanked him for because it saved him years of struggle and a lot of money. After becoming a Member, Jon started to make dozens of female friends and together they got access to exclusive events. He also started throwing his own events in nightclubs in NYC and at mansions in the Hamptons, filled with models and high status guys. At his second event, Jon networked with the CEO of a large Ping-Pong company and was able to leverage that connection into his next event. Always an entrepreneur, Jon is now leveraging his network connections to increase his finances.

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