Men of Action Testimonial: Vincent

Vincent goes from decent social life to free bottle service tables

"If your goal is to have models at your parties, to throw the best parties and to network with the highest status guys, then it just can't compete."

Vincent had success, but it was 80% of what he wanted. He has a great job, a good family, and had a decent social life prior to joining Men of Action. However, he would always be a little bit confused and a little bit jaded. He says, "Whenever I'd go into a nightclub, whenever I would see somebody driving a Lamborghini or something like that, I would always ask why did they get that and why don't I have that? Am I not deserving of that, are they just smarter than me, are they better looking than me?" Vincent has been following many coaches and they all were talking about the same thing. He stumbled upon Michael and realized that he was different from the others. He kept getting inundated by Michael's social life and Michael saying that he could have one too if he worked for it. He wanted something to replicate. He joined Men of Action, and within two months, started throwing events with "each one getting progressively bigger and bigger." He moved to Miami from Chicago and upon his first week in Miami he threw a event with people he had never met before. Within the first month of being in Miami, he went to a club with his female friends and met the owner. The owner mentioned how he needed content for the club, and Vincent jumped on the opportunity to provide value. He has been able to get tables for free because of his ability to create win-win situations with people. Since this case study was filmed, Vincent's growth has been exponential, and his social circle is becoming better and better.

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