Men of Action Testimonial: Thomas J. A

Beyond the Boardroom: Thomas's Journey to Social Stardom with Men of Action

"My social life and networking are just unrecognizable now compared to what it used to be. Literally, I feel like a celebrity in my own city."

Before Men of Action, Thomas had tried multiple dating courses that left him aimless aside from his successful professional career. MOA’s focus on social dynamics, pre-selection, and leveraging social media as a social resume provided the clarity he needed. Since joining MOA, Thomas has expanded his network immensely and is now a well-known figure in Singapore’s social scene. Thomas praises the effectiveness of the community, the guidance for tangible results that he’s received, and a the supportive environment that’s been provided to him, allowing for incredible personal growth. Thomas encourages others to join MOA for an undoubtedly life-changing experience.

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