Men of Action Testimonial: Shankha

Mansions and private jets: Shankha makes money from his events

"My life is just different and I'm just a different person from a year ago, to be honest."

Shankha was in other programs that taught about social circle before Men of Action, but even those programs "felt like the results weren't as significant as [he] had from the life [he] was [already] living." Not meeting the movers and shakers of his city frustrated Shankha. The people he was meeting were average. Shankha was trying to break the barrier and meet the people that were going on fun trips to the coolest locations. There was a lack of clarity in Shankha's life. He wasn't really sure what he was aiming for and started to feel lost. Shankha had known about Michael from the "random Youtubers" that Michael would do interviews with. Shankha appreciated that Michael would give these guys a chance and do a podcast episode with them. Shanka joined the Men of Action program and soon he started to see the results he was looking for. He started throwing his own events and networking with the type of people he was aiming to meet. He was able to network with a company that allowed him to throw an event on their private jet. His events have grown so much that people are offering him money to put together events and the private jet company he worked with previously paid him for another event. Shankha best describes it as, "To be honest, my life is just different and I'm just a different person from a year ago."

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