Men of Action Testimonial: Rocky

Rocky builds a social circle he's finally proud of

"People who should join Men of Action are people who want to change their lives and they're willing to, other than pay, sacrifice their time, blood, sweat, and tears."

Rocky was on the journey of self-improvement and taking courses from multiple mentors that would "take him for a loop". He wanted to meet higher quality people and to earn more money. Rocky would go out each weekend, which was a "hit or miss". He was having superficial conversations, wasn't being authentic to himself, and was over it. Completely fed up, he wanted a change. Rocky was looking for a mentor that had characteristics and traits that he would like to emulate. That's when he found Michael and immediately resonated with him. Then, he saw Michael's Instagram and knew Michael could help him accomplish his goals. Since he's joined, he's set up five events and has "met a lot of people that I never thought I would meet". Rocky says his social skills and his mental health has improved since he joined Men of Action.

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