Men of Action Testimonial: Paul

Paul, a student, gets taken as a millionaire because of his social circle

"This has been the greatest investment I've ever made."

Before Men of Action, Paul was having trouble meeting the high status people that he was aiming to connect with. He thought that he could only connect with top people if he was rich or famous. He was also thinking that, because of his age and being a student in college, he would have a hard time building a social circle... He was wrong. Since joining, Paul has thrown world class events and has connected with elites. He sums his journey up well with this line; "the result is like three days ago, I was talking with one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met and she asked me if I was a multimillionaire… and I'm a student." Paul now is the hub of nightlife in his city, frequently gets invited to the best tables, and has exclusive access to the DJ booth. Paul claims that Men of Action was the best investment of his life for this reason.

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