Men of Action Testimonial: Mossab

Mossab goes from local bars to high status events

"I was going out and then as soon as those two events happened, like after that, it was just smooth sailing. I had people to go out with all the time - it was just day and night before and after."

Before Men of Action, Mossab was focused on going to local bars to meet people - something that is extremely inefficient and had him banging his head against the wall due to the low quality of people he was meeting. He tried building a social circle, but he didn't understand the steps to do it properly. Mossab saw that Michael had an epic social circle and was teaching guys a different approach to building one - an approach that was more systematic and logical. After joining the program, Mossab focused on raising his status and value to society. Quickly, Mossab realized that this is what he was looking for from the beginning. Mossab was Michael's first client. Michael helped Mossab build a genuine social circle of high value men and female friends, and started to help him focus on things that would make him more valuable to other people. Instead of a short term strategy, Michael helped Mossab plan for the long term, and it paid dividends. Mossab has now thrown several noteworthy events, traveled the world, and has made genuine connections with people that mattered most to him. Mossab is now happily married and continues to grow his social network.

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