Men of Action Testimonial: Keegan

Keegan lands a six figure tech job using his social circle

"I was able to throw four events within the space of five months without spending anything but my plane tickets, a meal and, a place to stay."

Back in high school, Keegan had that classic "video gamer social circle". After high school and starting college, Keegan wanted to be a part of the top social circles, so he became a party promoter. This worked fine for a period of time, but he hit a ceiling. When it comes to having a fulfilling social life, he says, "Biggest problem was my lack of cool guy friends and female friends." He says he was lost with what to do, but he was eager to improve his life. Since becoming a Member of Men of Action, Keegan has thrown events in Vegas, LA, and Mexico. He was able to throw four events in the span of five months with each one having no cost other than his flight, meals, and place to sleep. He also became friends with a guy who owns a Lamborghini dealership and a Porsche dealership, who he was able to throw an event with later. He says his core group of friends has gotten better, and he has been able to leverage his network to land a six figure tech job. Keegan is now further expanding his social circle, creating more abundance, and planning more travel.

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