Men of Action Testimonial: Keating

Keating the DJ opens for famous music artists because of his networking strategy

"I've opened for three or four artists this year that would sell out stadiums and I'm planning for another one"

Before Men of Action, Keating wasn't on social media at all. He was working 60 hours a week selling software. Keating was interested in DJing once COVID happened and started learning how to mix music together during lockdown. Keating enjoyed the authenticity, integrity, and originality that Michael had to offer. He saw how Michael wasn't just re-hashing old ideas, but had new strategies for networking with people by using social media. After he joined Men of Action, he built out a pretty impressive content profile that led to a lot of real-world results in terms of shows that he was able to play locally and local residencies. He currently has a residency at the W Hotel in Austin. He was also able to build a big social network and leveraged it to open for DJs who sell out stadiums.

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