Men of Action Testimonial: James Louis

From Solitude to Socialite: James's Transformation at 300 Pounds

" I have gotten girls that have asked me out just from my IG. And again, I'm 300 pounds. It's not supposed to happen, but it's happened. It's all because of this program."

James is over 300 pounds. His life in New York consisted of going to work and coming home, going to work and coming home — effectively not a life. When he first saw Michael, he knew Michael was different and signed up for MOA. Now James hosts charity events and bikini competitions; he is constantly around beautiful women, and high-status men take notice. Women even ask him out just from his Instagram — and he’s still over 300 pounds! James wanted to socialize with the top 1% … and now his social life is top-1% as well.

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