Men of Action Testimonial: Hon Cheung

The Making of a VIP: Hon's Story of Success Through Strategic Mentorship

"If I had not joined MOA, like I don't know what life would mean. Yeah, it's just crazy. I haven’t really sat down and reflected how lucky or how fortunate I am to have been part of MOA."

Hon was living a mundane, unexciting life in a stagnant six-year relationship. He dreamed of gaining access to high-status parties and VIP events attended by models and celebrities … the kind of parties that he thought were limited to rich people, or just “special” people. In Michael he found a no-nonsense mentor who laid out the plan, step-by-step, to get exactly what he wanted. After eight months of nonstop action, Hon is one of the “special” people himself, constantly attending photoshoots and exclusive parties, rubbing elbows with models and accessing opportunities he never thought possible.

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