Men of Action Testimonial: Godwin

How Godwin 100x'd his Social Network in 9 months

"The program just helped with reaching that goal. Just every aspect, when I say every aspect, I mean like money, women, my lifestyle, my mentality - everything."

Like most people that join Men of Action, Godwin has been through a lot of courses and they didn't give him the exact results he wanted, even though he would "do things to a T". He was working on improving his Instagram, but even with his Instagram getting better, he still wasn't getting the results that he wanted. He had this thought in his head "Down the line I can start. Maybe when I have money or maybe when my life situation gets better, then I can start." He wanted to be in the top 1% percent, and was sick of not doing anything, but once he saw how knowledgeable Michael was, and Michael's results, he became a Member of Men of Action. He started throwing small events like dinners, hot tub parties, and eventually photoshoots. The program helped him get into the nightlife scene in Miami as well. By building a social circle, having long term thinking / strategy, and making dozens of close female friends, Godwin now has an envious social circle and has become the funnel for fun out in Miami. He feels his networking life has improved "100x" and "there's so many people that I know that it's almost hard to keep track of all the people that come into my network."

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