Men of Action Testimonial: David Vader

From Low-Key to High-Flying: How David Transformed His Social Life and Threw the Ultimate 35th Birthday Bash

"One of the biggest results we've achieved since joining the program is throwing a huge party here at my crib and we had so many influencers, man. It was incredible."

When he was a teenager, David imagined the perfect 30th birthday — drinks, friends, cheerful debauchery. When his 30th birthday rolled around, David did nothing special. What went wrong? Having focused on improving his dating life, he had forgotten how to actually enjoy life. He joined MOA almost on a whim and began learning how to invest in a social circle for the long term. When his 35th birthday rolled around, it was completely different — 100+ attendees, influencers with 100,000+ followers, and girls who had initially declined his invitation begging to attend once they saw the IG stories.

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