Men of Action Testimonial: Anthony

Anthony goes from depressed and lonely to an envious social circle in 1 year

"I'm kind of becoming the hub of a lot of shit going on in LA. It's pretty cool."

Always the shy guy, Anthony wanted to have a better social life and took several social dynamics programs, hoping to achieve it. Social training programs didn't give him the full picture. They filled in some gaps, but he felt like he was burning himself out. He couldn't see the long-term game and knew there was a better way. He had followed Michael's Instagram and knew, undeniably, that Michael lives a different life than most people. Feeling burned and beaten up by the toxic community he was a part of, Anthony learned through evolutionary psychology that in order to improve his social life he needed to become higher value, and he immediately became a Member of Men of Action, a status-focused approach to life and social circle. Once he joined, he went from knowing two people in Los Angeles to becoming the hub of "a lot of shit going on in LA". The name "Anthony DiRico" is starting to become a well known name in Los Angeles for parties, thanks to Men of Action. Anthony has now hosted ten photoshoots, grown his Instagram from 0 to 4k real followers, is in contact with thousands of models, connects with "blue check marks", is friends with high status guys, and has gotten into events he'd never thought he'd be able to get into.

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