Men of Action Testimonial: Adam

How the F-18 Fighter Pilot went from meeting strangers in street bars to a high value social circle in 3 months

"I have paid for courses and probably spent more than 10 times on other programs and this has delivered 100x of what those have."

Adam is an F-18 Pilot and instructor for the United States Military - an extremely difficult job to get that requires an exceptional level of skill and intelligence. For years Adam had been trying to put the pieces together to have the social life he wanted. Course after course, he finally found the Men of Action program in 2021. Not being one to shy away from an opportunity, Adam immediately jumped into working with Michael. After seeing the undeniable proof plastered over Michael's instagram, and the irrefutable success of other Men of Action Members, Adam knew this was the right choice. Within three months, he went from doing random networking in local bars, to getting VIP access at tables in Las Vegas for free, surrounded by his female friends. He was also able to network with high status guys that were the movers and shakers he was looking for. Adam now has millionaire friends in high places, hangs out with models, gets back-door access to exclusive locations, and feels certain that this area of his life is completely solved.

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