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Our team members make $4.5k to $20k per month!

Are you a super driven person who LOVES to help others improve their lives all while having uncapped income potential? Then please read on…

We run an online mentoring business called Men of Action that helps driven men build a high-status lifestyle, and high-status social circles. In less than 1 year, we've scaled ourselves to multiple 7 figures, all while maintaining incredible results (check out our case studies and endless testimonials) for our customers!

Our mission is simple… we turn men into the man they've always wanted to be, and meet the people they've always wanted to meet. We've done this for hundreds of customers. Due to the rate at which we are growing, we are always bringing on new customers. This is where you come in…

Position Summary

What we do

Men of Action focuses on building high-status lifestyle's and networks for determined men. We help transform feelings of average or mediocrity into confidence and power.

Through Men of Action, our customers achieve outstanding results from:

About the Role

The purpose of this role is to increase revenue by enrolling more customers into our program. This will be done through 2 primary methods: outbound setting and inbound calls.

There are two main roles, an Appointment setter and a Closer.

Appointment Setter: This role's focus is to set appointments with qualified candidates on the closer's calendar. This roll will be prospecting, taking inbound calls, and qualifying applicants to make sure they're a good fit for our program.

Closer: This role's focus is to enroll and onboard qualified people into the program with a "Service First" mindset.

NOTE: This position is full-time and virtual, meaning you can work from anywhere.

What you'll be doing

You will be responsible for prospecting, enrolling, and nurturing new customers into the training program. As well as assisting with defaulted payments, handling failing payments and assisting customer success teams as needed.

This is for you if...

DISQUALIFIERS: This is not for you if...

Outcomes & Responsibilities

30-day targets

  1. Learn all tech systems & product offerings to be effective in the position + fully go through course content
  2. Self prospect and shadow successful closers
  3. Begin taking calls

60-day targets

  1. Be within KPI for closing rate and cash collected.


Compensation & Benefits

The pay



At Men of Action, we want people who are amazing culture fits over anything else. We have found that some of our best sales reps have had little sales experience and/or college degrees, but were extremely hungry, coachable, and driven to be the best.

As long as you can prove to have the track record and vision for this role, we want to talk to you.

So if that's you, apply below.

How to Apply

  1. Fill out the application below
  2. Answer Video Questions
  3. Screening Interview
  4. Skill Test
  5. Training Period

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