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Our team members make $5k to $20k per month! Experience not required!

Are you a super driven person who LOVES to help others improve their lives all while having uncapped income potential? Then please read on…

We run an online mentoring business called Men of Action that helps driven men build a high-status lifestyle, and high-status social circles. In less than 1 year, we’ve scaled ourselves to multiple 7 figures, all while maintaining incredible results (check out our case studies and endless testimonials) for our customers!

Our mission is simple… we turn men into the man they’ve always wanted to be, and meet the people they’ve always wanted to meet. We’ve done this for hundreds of customers. Due to the rate at which we are growing, we are always bringing on new customers. This is where you come in…

About the Role

The purpose of this role is to increase revenue by enrolling more customers into our program. This will be done through 2 primary methods: outbound setting and inbound calls.

There are two main roles, an Appointment Setter and a Closer.

Appointment Setter

This role’s focus is to set appointments with qualified candidates on the closer’s calendar. This roll will be prospecting, taking inbound calls, and qualifying applicants to make sure they’re a good fit for our program.


This role’s focus is to enroll and onboard qualified people into the program with a “Service First” mindset.


This position is full-time and virtual, meaning you can work from anywhere.

What you’ll be doing

You will be responsible for prospecting, enrolling, and nurturing new customers into the training program. As well as assisting with defaulted payments, handling failing payments and assisting customer success teams as needed.

  • Prospecting: You will have a minimum KPI of calls generated from our lead sources.
  • Enrolling: Calls will be conducted via Zoom, and it is your responsibility to enroll clients into the program within KPI.
  • Nurturing: You must track your pipeline of people who did not enroll on the first call.
  • Customer Success: You must make sure customers are properly onboarded and in the hands of the succes team.

This is for you if…

  • You have a high interest in sales and want to continue to grow
  • You’re hungry to win
  • You enjoy competing while also collaborating with your team members
  • You care about getting customers amazing results and only selling a program you would buy
  • Are very coachable and take constructive feeback well
  • You enjoy a lot of autonomy, while still enjoying structure and team communication/meetings
  • You actively look to improve, personally and professionally through books, courses, etc
  • You have killer interpersonal communication skills and like poeple
  • You want to come to our events and meet our network of incredible men and women
  • You are eager to increase your income with UNCAPPED potential

This is not for you if…

  • Want a position for flexibility and travel freedom only
  • Aren’t willing to work 50-60 hrs/week if needed
  • Have no interest in continuing to train and improve your sales skills
  • Can’t take criticism or feedback

The pay

  • Commission only - our sales reps make between $5k/mo-$20k/mo depending on the role they’re in
  • Monthly bonuses for hitting your targets

About Men of Action

What we do

Men of Action helps high-achieving men become a "local celebrity." We help men build high-status social circles of influential men and incredible women, gain access to some of the most exclusive events in their city, and date the women of their dreams. We teach men how to be "That guy" through our repeatable process which uses a proprietary combination of evolutionary psychology, leadership, and networking skills.

Through Men of Action, our customers will:

  • Attend exclusive events such as mansion parties, bikini contests, and charity galas
  • Befriend the "A Players" of their city
  • Form relationships with like-minded friends that push them to succeed
  • Meet an abundance of high-quality women
  • Finally live up to their full potential as a man

Who we are looking for

At Men of Action we have high expectations. We expect our clients to receive incredible results, and we expect our team members to be incredible people.

Does this mean you have to have a celebrity social life to be on the team? No.

But we expect you to be self-motivated, insatiably driven, and an enjoyable person to work with. Everyone on the team is on their mission in life and wakes up with a fire in the belly. We come on meetings and share a ton of laughter then get shit done.

The people on our team are the people you wish you knew in school. We're that friend group you wish you had growing up. We push each other to be better, call each other out on bullshit, and party like hell when we get together (soberly - 80% of our coworkers don't drink).

We are fully remote and we hold company retreats every quarter. Because we practice what we preach these aren't you're typical "company retreats." These are usually high-end events with incredible women and cool dudes. Some examples of our previous retreats are: red carpet event in Las Vegas, swimsuit competition in Jamaica, celebrity meet-up in Los Angeles, and a red carpet event in Miami.

Skill level isn't important to us either. We focus on culture first. We would rather have someone trainable that's ambitious with great social skills over someone with high-level credentials and experience.

If you're the type of person that like's to put in "Maximum Effort", keep the positivity high, and constantly improve by accepting feedback then you're going to love working at Men of Action.

Who we are not looking for

You should leave this page immediately if you:

  • Are not in the phase of your life where you're ready to work hard
  • Are just looking to join the team to improve your social life
  • Are any sort of lazy
  • Are just "looking for a job"
  • Can't take critical feedback and improve
  • Don't care about the success of others
  • Say you're going to do something and don't follow through
  • Lie, cheat, or steal
  • Don't improve from your failures
  • Aren't willing to work 50-60 hrs/week if needed

Our core values

We live and die by these. Not only do these create an incredible work culture but it we believe these values make a good person.


At our core, we value positivity above all. This doesn't mean we ignore problems, but we always start with a positive attitude. Negative behavior towards anything or anyone, like complaining, using offensive language, bullying, or bringing personal issues into meetings, is not allowed. We want everyone to be kind, understanding, and thankful for the good things in their life, no matter how big or small.

Maximum Effort

Just like Deadpool, we expect you to give it your all. This is for everything you do. When you give everything your all, then the rewards are self evident. Giving maximum effort means you love the process, because you can't put everything you have into something you don't enjoy.

High do-say ratio

"When I say I'ma do somethin', I do it" - Eminem, Not Afraid

It's simple. If you say you're going to do something, don't let the other person or yourself down by not doing it. Just do the thing you said you're going to do. Whether it was mentally or verbally, just do it.

Make mistakes

It's OK to make mistakes. It's OK to fail. As long as you're making mistakes and growing from them.

Grow inwardly

Develop a growth mindset. Everything can be improved, and there's never a destination. Cultivate the ability to look back on your mistakes, learn from them and grow. This means proactively making changes rather than reacting to circumstances.


"We will not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerate those who do." - Cadet Honor Code

Honesty in action, word and thought. This means being honest with yourself and others. Even if the truth is brutal.

Enjoy the ride

We're on a floating rock in a vast ocean of emptiness. Let's just enjoy ourselves.

Our mission statement

Our goal at Men of Action is to lift men out of social poverty and into a rewarding, high-status lifestyle while enjoying our lives at the same time.

What It's Like Working At Men of Action

Added benefits

  • Work remotely - Save $1000's in commuting costs and weeks worth of time by working remotely from home.
  • Access to $50,000 worth of training material
  • Ongoing training by industry leaders
  • Access to ALL of our exclusive events and team offsites
  • Unlimited mentoring with Michael Sartain
  • Watch rewarding change happen in the lives of men
  • Enjoy an incredible work culture


At Men of Action, we want people who are amazing culture fits over anything else. We have found that some of our best team members have had little experience and/or college degrees, but were extremely hungry, coachable, and driven to be the best.

As long as you can prove to have the track record and vision for this role, we want to talk to you.

So if that's you, apply below.

How to apply

Please fill out the application below, and we will reach out for next steps if we feel you're a good fit!

Start your application here!

Our Team's Experience Working at Men of Action


"This team is a full-scale upgrade to improving every area of your life."


"One of the best things here is going to bed every night knowing you are changing lives."


"Working here is like… I feel like I just live my life and I get paid for it."


"There's a great relationship to be had here with the team, the clients and it's a lot of fun."


"The part of this job where we are "living what we are selling" is incredible."


"The culture is extremely positive. One person's win is everyone's win."


"What's the culture like? It's fire."


"We're all friends and have fun, but we get stuff done at the same time."


"This is the offer where I can sell something that is meaningful to me."

10. JON

"The culture here is incredible. I've built my own companies and it was never like this."

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