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Free BONUS Call from Men of Action

Take a sneak peak into a Live Call from Men of Action. This was taken directly from the program and gets raw and dirty. Michael leaves no stoned unturned, so it's a great insight into what the program is like.

Why Michael Created Men of Action

Watch Michael's heroic come up story. From a bullied kid in the ghetto of Dallas to a millionaire investor with a social circle he built from the ground up, Michael walks you through his long-walk to freedom and why he decided to build the Men of Action program.

Dan Bilzerian - The Michael Sartain Podcast

Dan Bilzerian (IG: @DanBilzerian) is one of the most influential social media influencers on the planet.  He recently released his autobiography titled "The Setup".  Dan is a professional poker player, a former member of the US Navy and founder of IGNITE.  He discuses stories from his childhood, going through SEAL training, steroids, playing heads up poker for millions of dollars, becoming one of the biggest influencers on Instagram, having thousands of women pursuing him and several other stories from his autobiography.

The Best Podcast Episode To Become Higher Status

This episode is recommended viewing for all MOA Members. The science of evolutionary psychology is the very premise that status principles lie on, and it will help you understand the complex world of all social psychology by understanding peoples' evolved tendencies and biases. Dr David M Buss is the foremost evolutionary psychologist in all of academia. He literally wrote the book on it (Evolutionary Psychology by Dr. David Buss).

Why Pickup Has Ruined Men

For years Michael has been criticizing the pickup community for its toxicity, lack of empathy towards women, and its view of women as objects.

How to Start A Social Circle in a New City

Michael brings on two models and a top Member in Men of Action to explain how to setup a social circle in a new city, even if you don't know anyone at all.

The Importance of Female Friends

Michael, Hannah, and Sarah all explain in this video why it is important to have female friends. It's actually crucial for building up a successful social circle.

Status is Contextual: What to Know

Michael breaks down in detail what makes a man higher status, and what to look out for to find the highest status places in your city.

Mike's Come up story

Mike explains while at a comp dinner in Miami how he got to where he is today, and what Men of Action is.

You Don't Deserve Shit

Michael steps it up a notch and intensely wakes you up from the slumber of apathy in this video filmed on a boat off the coast of Mexico.

How To Setup A Team For Event Planning

Filmed while on an excursion in the jungle of Mexico with 20 models, Michael lays out a plan of action when it comes to setting up a network building team.

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